Plugins that are built for Rack v2

My fork is NOT for building - it’s for my v1 PR on the original 0.6 repo. Building from that will not include all the PRs.

I only made my windows v1 build available as binary, not the repo. #36 (comment)

Therefore it’s not a complete v1 fork and certainly NOT for building against v2! Forks are not always for complete ports, a lot are used to host PR commits as in this case.

THE BINARIES POSTED IN THE ISSUE BELOW ARE INCOMPLETE as well as those that people have built locally if one has not added all the PRs from the original repo.

My Southpole v1 binary windows build is the only complete one unless mac/linux users have locally compiled their own and bothered to add ALL THE OTHER PRs. Those that have done this can change the version in plugin.json and compile against their local Rack2 client source/SDK for testing - they still need to have API additions made; which is what I’m doing atm.

I will release both complete Southpole versions as separate repo’s soon. Please be patient, thanks,


I have updated my fork of Southpole so it is available to anyone wanting to build v2.

This is the mac build against 2.git.b04e4117

I will provide a new mac build for today’s beta shortly.

I tried to build them, but I get a error message: (I’m in the v2 branch)

smues@LAPTOP-5F9LOB0N MINGW64 ~/rack/plugins/hetrickcv
$ git submodule update --init --recursive

smues@LAPTOP-5F9LOB0N MINGW64 ~/rack/plugins/hetrickcv
$ make dep
Makefile:6: ../Rack// No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target '../Rack//'.  Stop.

smues@LAPTOP-5F9LOB0N MINGW64 ~/rack/plugins/hetrickcv
$ make
Makefile:6: ../Rack// No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target '../Rack//'.  Stop.

smues@LAPTOP-5F9LOB0N MINGW64 ~/rack/plugins/hetrickcv
$ make dist
Makefile:6: ../Rack// No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target '../Rack//'.  Stop.

Look like make dep has some weird dependency on rack? Did you make rack and then try to make the plugin under it?

maybe the rack version is different from mine? I compiled rack yesterday. But I compiled the Ohmer and the Orbits plugins today without any issues.

Note the double backslashes //

I had the same prob and manually edited the makefile to read
RACK_DIR ?= ../..
RACK_DIR ?= ../RackSDK/

Same for NLC

@trickyflemming , fyi

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@flyingLow :+1:

When I try a Southpole build from your repo I get:

fatal error: ‘tides/generator.h’ file not found

Also, I uploaded a load of new Mac builds to your issues based on the new beta 042a9ce0

git submodule update --init --recursive ??

didn’t happen to me an hour or two ago. my repo has the plugin for the first beta, but maybe you are trying against today’s

thanks for the files. I saw and will add soon.

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Ah yep - that was it - thanks

The ../RackSDK/ is set up that way for automated GitHub builds that download and extract the SDK next to the plugins. Things are in flux right now with the V2 SDK changes but they will be stable soon. If you need a v2 build, just edit RACK_DIR to match where Rack or RackSDK are on your build machine.

I haven’t had this fail before. I’ll remove the bonus slash, but it should still work anyway.

It should, but it doesn’t :thinking:

Just change it to

RACK_DIR ?= …/…

in the makefile and it builds fine

I’ve done this already :wink:

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Still a work in progress, but GitHub - hemmer/Befaco at v2 now has working v2 branch (including all the new upcoming modules). Any feedback welcome! I believe a UI update is in the works, but that won’t appear for a little while yet. @flyingLow - feel free to add to your repo!


On Linux at least this is non-trivial:

RACK_DIR ?= ../..

Only two dots, and no space after the last dot. Whitespace at the end of the line will bork the build.

Hi! Can’t build for new version of Rack2 sdk on windows

src/Muxlicer.hpp:993:3: error: ‘outputs’ was not declared in this scope; did you mean ‘puts’? 993 | outputs[Muxlicer::ALL_OUTPUT]->visible = visibleToggle; | ^~~~~~~

here everything build fine, I have Rack 2.git.042a9ce0

That sounds like it’s not the latest version on V2 branch, that was something I had to fix

Sweet! Thanks, @hemmer. And thanks for all the hard work to bring these awesome mods to VCV Rack!

MUXLICER IN VCV RACK!!! :astonished::partying_face:

For mac, for 2.git.042a9ce0

Some other plugins for mac, available for 2.git.042a9ce0
(Thanks, @steve !)