Plugins that are built for Rack v2

What error did you get?

src/AudioInterface64.cpp:469:78: required from here …/…/include/helpers.hpp:54:5: error: ‘struct StoermelderPackOne::AudioInterface64::Audio64Widget’ has no member named ‘box’ 54 | o->box.pos = pos; | ~^ make: *** […/…/ build/src/AudioInterface64.cpp.o] Ошибка 1

Oops, forgot to add that one to the PR, try again should be good.

packtau falis with same getnextcablecolor error,

However your packone does now build fine, though it’s complaining here and a few other files about:

src/MidiCat.cpp:1157:39: warning: unknown conversion type character ']' in format [-Wformat=]
 1157 |   rightText = string::f("[%.1f%, %.1f%]", f1, f2); 

PR posted for Stoermelder Pack Tau - MB module removed - already moved by Ben to Pack One.


@cschol referring to your post

the following plugins from the backlog column have been confirmed by the developer to get an update:


Missing on the backlog or on the review column:

Hora Music (and Drums) are updated by the developer

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Ohmer is in backlog but is definitely being updated and has a v2 branch on Github.

Ohmer Prems (commercial) is also being updated - I will PM you about that.

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Rackwindows are also going to get updates as per developer


Chortling Hamster Modules plugin has been updated to the latest build and submitted to the v2 library queue. I’ll add some binaries to GitHub over the weekend.


Thank you all for you help in getting plugins sorted! This is very helpful.

A few comments and clarifications:

  • I am only dealing with Open Source plugins in the Library. For example, Hora Modules are not open source and therefore will not show up in the Library Backlog.
  • I will only move plugins from the Backlog to Review when an active branch exists on the repository. At that point I will clone the code and try to build to flush out issues early without running through the entire integration process. I do appreciate the notification if developers have committed to providing a v2 update eventually and I will take note of those (e.g. ZZC, AS).
  • Lindenberg is a bit strange because the v1 branch on the Open Source repository actually says that development has halted in favor of commercial modules. I will take note to monitor that repository for updates on a potential v2 branch, though.

Again, thank you all for your help.

As of right now we have 75 plugins with active v2 branches and first release submission are coming in to the Library.


Definitely coming to V2 with a nice design update - check this post on the FB group from 2 days ago…

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Awesome! I’ll wait for an active branch to show up. Thanks for following up.

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I think at one point he switched to closed-source, so if I remember correctly there will likely be no update in his github repo and it will instead be sent in pre-built.

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Correct as far as I understand it too, they are closed source now.

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Hi everyone!, AS V2 is available now at GitHub, will submit to library later.


Hi Martin, thanks for the ML_Modules, I just built them for the current beta. I’m looking forward to using the sequencers in Rack 2 :wink:

Just downloaded few module collections from their respective githubs, for mac, and now module browser crashes the Rack, just when i try to scroll down the list…

Take them all out and add them one by one and find the culprit…

Okey, it was SqunkyLabs. Interesting that some other plugins are not showing up in the library although they were unpacked by the app.

Time to log some issues on github :wink: