Now taking submissions of v2 plugins to the Library

As @vortico announced in the Rack development blog, we are now taking submissions for v2 plugins to the Rack Library.

All submissions for v2 will go through the same integration process as v1 plugins.

If all integration tests pass, the plugins will be built by the official Rack build system using the rack-plugin-toolchain (v2 branch) and made available via the Plugin Manager at the time of the official Rack v2 release.

IMPORTANT: at this point we will take requests for updates, start reviewing and integration testing to flush out issues, but official builds will not be available until the release of Rack v2.

As the maintainer of the Library, I ask for your help with the following:

  • Complete your v2 porting work (incl. any new features) and submit stable, tested versions to the Library for integration. Please don’t submit work-in-progress or incomplete versions.
  • All submitted plugins must build against the the most current beta SDK (see Rack development blog)
  • There will be a queue of plugins to work through, so please be patient.

CALL FOR ACTION: If you would like to help to ensure that your favorite plugin is available in Rack v2, here is what you can do:

The Library Project Board has a two columns that are relevant: Backlog and Review.

  • Review: Developer is working towards releasing v2 version on an active v2 branch.
  • Backlog: No indication from developer (yet) that a v2 update is planned or pending.

If a plugin shows up in the Review column, no action is needed. It does not mean that the plugin has been submitted to the Library yet. It just means I know the developer is working on an update.

If a plugin shows up in the Backlog column, you can help in a few ways:

  • File an issue with the developer asking them if they have plans to update their plugin and if they need help updating the plugin.
  • Help out a developer by creating a GitHub Pull Request to update the plugin to the v2 API and let the developer submit it to the Library.

If you know of a plugin that is actively being ported to v2 and it is in the Backlog column, please post the plugin information in the following thread Plugins that are built for Rack v2.

IMPORTANT: We will not be accepting forks of plugins to the Library that are submitted without explicit agreement of the original developer. If a plugin looks abandoned by the developer, ask for their permission to adopt it. To submit a plugin update to the VCV Library on behalf of a previous plugin maintainer, he/she must post on the GitHub plugin issue or email approving transfer of maintainership.


Thanks for all your hard and loyal work with the library Christoph! You should know that it is much appreciated.


Echo that! :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:


2723 modules to test for 2.0…

are we there yet ?? :wink:

Thanks in advance to all devs for making this happen. I’ve been dreaming about this since v0.6 , so , no need to rush this. Greetings :slight_smile:


Hi Christoph thanks a lot for your hard work, quick question: V1 plugins are still being updated?

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Yes. We will continue to accept updates to v1 plugins.

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As of today, 46 plugins have been successfully integrated into the v2 branch of the Library repository and are awaiting processing in the Plugin Manager.

Thank you to all of the developers who have submitted so far.

If you have a working v2 version of your plugin, please submit it to the Library at this time.