Plugins that are built for Rack v2

In file included from src/ChowDer/BaxandallEQ.cpp:1:
**src/ChowDer/BaxandallEQ.hpp:4:10:** **fatal error:** **'wdf_t.h' file not found**
#include <wdf_t.h>

Edit - looks like I had not done a “git submodule update --init --recursive” after pulling.

After doing that it compiles.


Befaco compiling fine on Win10 here, can you share the compiler issue? Note the branch to compile should be v2-redesign which includes the recent Pyer UI updates.


Ah - that branch compiles fine - I was trying the v2 branch before.

Looking super too!

Everyone is gonna have to up their UI game in v2… with the new Fundamental modules and now Befaco, Pyer is blazing the trail!


oh, doh! I was looking in the wrong github repo! Found the right one., building fine now. And them new knobs do look snazzy indeed! All hail @pyer !


I’ve just committed some fixes to Count Modula V2. Unfortunately due to changes in the last API release, I’ve had to disable the Colour Palette module for the moment as the mechanism it requires to function has now been made internal to rack as is no longer accessible to modules. This should be resolved when the next API version is released.


Understood. Not a problem. I am doing mainly test builds with the tool chain and trying to identify integration issues early on.


Would these be of any help?

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Yep, they’re the API changes I was was waiting for.

New commit to resolve that and a couple of new breakages introduced by the latest API.

Should build cleanly again now.


I’ve posted a PR for beta 1 API fixes to Stoermelder’s Pack One for those of us that use it.

One can build from my fork for testing while waiting for Ben to merge the PR.

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Bidoo was ok building for windows

sadly still got an error with AudioInterface64 module on Windows :frowning:

I’ve started porting LyraeModules to V2 - GitHub - VegaDeftwing/LyraeModules at v2


What error did you get?

src/AudioInterface64.cpp:469:78: required from here …/…/include/helpers.hpp:54:5: error: ‘struct StoermelderPackOne::AudioInterface64::Audio64Widget’ has no member named ‘box’ 54 | o->box.pos = pos; | ~^ make: *** […/…/ build/src/AudioInterface64.cpp.o] Ошибка 1

Oops, forgot to add that one to the PR, try again should be good.

packtau falis with same getnextcablecolor error,

However your packone does now build fine, though it’s complaining here and a few other files about:

src/MidiCat.cpp:1157:39: warning: unknown conversion type character ']' in format [-Wformat=]
 1157 |   rightText = string::f("[%.1f%, %.1f%]", f1, f2); 

PR posted for Stoermelder Pack Tau - MB module removed - already moved by Ben to Pack One.


@cschol referring to your post

the following plugins from the backlog column have been confirmed by the developer to get an update:


Missing on the backlog or on the review column:

Hora Music (and Drums) are updated by the developer

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Ohmer is in backlog but is definitely being updated and has a v2 branch on Github.

Ohmer Prems (commercial) is also being updated - I will PM you about that.

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Rackwindows are also going to get updates as per developer