Noodlings of Lars

(Lars Bjerregaard) #1

Here you’ll find my Rack noodlings, occasionally even qualifying as music.
Do leave feedback, I appreciate that. Thanks, and enjoy!

(Lars Bjerregaard) #2

I’m continuing my Audible Instruments challenge, and this is a kind of polyrhythmic piece I call “Laid Back Xylophone Elves”.

The Segment generators are providing clocks, sequences, LFO’s, attenuators and slew limiter.

The Texture Synthesizer is providing pure reverb and nothing else. Its reverb actually sounds rather good.

The first Resonator is providing the voice with the xylophone like percussion.
The second Resonator provides the cymbals like sequence.
The Macro Osciallator 2 provides the bass percussion.
The Macro Osciallator provides the saw lead, and gets its notes from the Random Sampler.

The patch is here, in case someone wants to play along :slight_smile:


Very cool patch challenge edition 24
(Stephan) #3

great use of the audibles Lars
very nice patch :+1:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #4

Thanks Stephan! I’m happy you liked it.

(Denis Tercier) #5

Hey! Very interesting. Especially the number of different uses of Stages.

(Adi Quinn) #6

oh yeah, i like this sound combination a lot, very nice Lars!

(Lars Bjerregaard) #7

Thanks Adi, happy you like it!

(Jim Frye) #8

Good one Lars! :slight_smile:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #9

Ambient jazz anyone? Another mostly Audible Instruments patch, with Marbles, excuse me - Random Sampler in the lead role. Laid back tunes for a chill Friday… enjoy!

(Jim Frye) #10

Another good one! I’ve been using random sampler recently. I like it better than turing machine sometimes. :slight_smile:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #11

Yeah, they’re both wonderful, just different. I love’m both!

(Adi Quinn) #12

Yeah that’s real jazzy! I especially like how you’re transposing the scale., and the sound quality is so nice & smooth :slight_smile:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #13

Thanks Adi, you’re very kind!

(Lars Bjerregaard) #14

I finally got around to playing with the Audible Instruments:Keyframer/mixer (aka. MI Frames) in a patch. Thanks to Greg Broulette aka. Modular Curiosity for the orginal tutorial!

The Keyframer is morphing between the 3 VCO’s of Squinky Labs:EV3, and I quite like what it does.

The two sequential switches are respectively 3 and 4 steps, which makes the EV3 rotate between some nice chords.

NYSTHI:Squonk drives the bassline, with a bit of ratcheting on a couple of steps.

The Texture Synthesizer (aka. MI Clouds) is used for pure reverb, which it does quite nicely.

The Segment Generator (aka. MI Stages) is pulling mixed duty, providing AD envelope, LFO, attenuator and a fixed voltage.

Played live, one take, self-generative, no post processing.

(Marc Boulé) #15

Nice one Lars!

(Jim Frye) #16

So smoooooth… :slight_smile:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #17

Last patch of my self imposed “Audible Instruments Challenge”. I’ve made an effort to get to know all the modules in this wonderful plugin, and to have an initial play with them. But it’s also quite clear, that it’ll take years to learn how to use all the features of these sometimes quite complex modules.

I finally got around to play with the two never used (by me anyway) modules in this plugin: The Meta Modulator (aka. Warps) and the Tidal Modulator (aka. Tides).

Random Sampler is driving the rhythm and the generated notes.
Meta Modulator is played as an FM VCO and is playing the bass saxophone-like voice in front.
Macro Oscillator 2 is playing the plucked bass.

The Wavetable Oscillator, which is Tidal Modulator in “sheep mode” (right-click), is playing the piano like voice.

The Macro Oscillator is doing the swells of saw, with the Tidal Modulator providing the envelope, and sequenced by the Segment Generator.

I’m fairly pleased with this one, hope you’ll enjoy it.

The patch is here, if anyone wants to play with it:

Next… I’m thinking a “Valley Challenge” - yeahhh :slight_smile:

(Paul Piko) #18

Good one Lars. I need to try some of that.

(Adi Quinn) #19

I like these sounds and arrangement a lot Lars, all quite beautiful together actually! This sax voice is really interesting that you made with Warps. I love that module, it takes some experimenting, but definitely worth it!

(Lars Bjerregaard) #20

“Valleys Of The Interzone”

I’m on a self-imposed “Valley challenge”, to try and get to know and use this wonderful plugin better, and this is a rhythmic tune using Topograph, Interzone and Plateau. It’s even got a kick drum - oh my!

The intro is a short sample of a single hit on the Interzone played backwards, using the Canard from Bidoo.

The bass and lead voice is played by each their Interzone module.
The rhythm is provided by Topograph in euclidian mode.
The kick drum is provided by the CornrowsX from Southpole.

All notes are provided by the Phrase-seq-32 from Impromptu, playing 6 different sequences in song mode.

The orchestration of the different parts of the tune is done using gate2 on the Phrase-seq plus the Bidoo switch/latches.

Big thanks to Dale Johnson for the lovely Valley plugin. More to follow…