Very cool patch challenge edition 24


edit: Forgot to link to patch storage:
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(Coile99) #27

Hi friends, here’s my entry for VCP challenge 24. this was a nice chance to get acquainted with the Audible mods, I think I’ve shied away from them because they seemed a bit more esoteric in their interface/implementation. Here I’ve used Random/Tides for sequencing/parameter automation, Meta Modulators/Warps cross-modded and feedbacked for oscillators, Macro Osc/plaits for drums, Mixer and Keyframer for parameters and percussion density, Segment Generator for envelopes, and Resonator/Rings and Texture Synth/Clouds for reverb-ish fx. Live jammed on Korg NanoKontrol and then edited down for the vid. It’s kind of a mess, hope you dig it…

(Denis Tercier) #28

Man. There’s the feeling. Listen to it is so funny. Sure you had lot of fun to play with. Great job. Good mastering on these modules also.

(Denis Tercier) #29

I love your patch. I love the rhythm. And what about your mastering modulating that. Bravo

(Denis Tercier) #30

So many modules for such a quiet peece… It was quite difficult to have an idea… I like the complexity of the composition though.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #31

Late to the party, sorry. Anyway, I made a little thing, it’s kinda strange…

(Denis Tercier) #32

Great. Rhythm modulation is really impressive. Great ambient sound in the background.

(Norbert Denninger) #33

I don’t think you’re doing something wrong, Adi. It sounds very organic with an asian mood, I really like it!

(Norbert Denninger) #34

absolutely amazing!


i will leave this challenge running for two more days, in case anyone has a late entry!

i will post the next challenge on tuesday february 5th (chinese new year)

(Denis Tercier) #36

Hi, nice to see you again!

(Norbert Denninger) #37

good to hear from you, I was starting to worry

(Lars Bjerregaard) #38

Cool Ben. Hope everything well in your neck of the woods. You can add this one to the list, if you see fit:

(Adi Quinn) #39

I wanted to thank Ben for hosting these all the time, and everyone who participates & comments, this has always been almost therapeutic for me to try and follow the challenges and share videos. Wow, I FINALLY got a chance to listen to these patches, and you guys are all so amazingly creative and inspiring! Not sure how to comment on all these, but I’ll try in one post…

@ROGAVKA love that you used oliverb(that’s a tricky mode imo) and this rhythm & texture is real nice!

@denis.tercier your stuff always is great every week, and this is no exception, diggin the spooky & jazzy vibe!

@the1andonlydrno really happy you are back in the vcp again, and love this groove that has so many layers of complexity to it :))

@rsmus7 wow, so many great organic sounds going on here!

@dag2099 you got some nice sound skills, I love this audio rate modulation or whatever your doing!

@coile99 WHOA!! was kind of blown away by this one, especially the part that starts at 4:11, I won’t ruin it for anyone, good shit…

@LarsBjerregaard Your second patch is amazing! Hope you keep joining in on these vcp’s

Have an great week everyone, see u on the next one :wink:


Thanks! I actually don’t remember what the hell I was up too. Maybe trying to use Clouds as reverb? I tend to be okay at making messed up noises but not so great a structuring a piece or constructing a “song”. I really need to improve my structural skills.

(Denis Tercier) #41

Hi, @AdiQ
Thanks so much. I wish I could learn more about your skills. Your patches are so beautiful. But my PC don’t like them mostly… But anyway! I still have a lot of fun discovering vcv by myself. I’ll soon post one in witch the two new sequencers of the month are staring. It takes quite a lot of time to program.
Have a nice week gentleman!

(Denis Tercier) #42

So, man! Cheers and happy new year! Hope for you all the best and still and forever happyracking.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #43

You never seemed to have created a YT playlist for this VCP-24. Have you given up on it? Hope everything is well in your end Ben…


indeed i didn’t get around to it. but now i finally did:

i haven’t given up, but as i said on facebook, i needed to take a break for a bit. i feel ready to start making music again, but i’m also doing a lot of overtime at work, so i have little energy left…

(Jim Frye) #45

This has a lot of diversity in sounds frome a small handful of modules. well done. :slight_smile: