"Musical Pals" 3 - VCV Rack collab project

Ok, I’m in. Starting with a single Plaits sequence in D minor. Feel free to do anything. Different notes, settings, tempo, whatever works. I added some scenes in the quantizer if you wanna quickly swap some chords in the scale.

Some simple rules:
-Only use free modules.
-One “voice” or part per user. No limits on number of modules, effects and processing.
-You can also mute parts and take it in a different direction.
-Avoid external samples if you can. We want it as portable as possible.
-It would be nice if you add labels, so others can get a rough overview over who did what, for example with a Submarine TD-202. Still, don’t be afraid to change someone elses part.
-Add your name in the patch file name before uploading. Credit where credit is due.
-We’ll keep it going for as long as we want, hopefully our computers can keep up. :smiley:
-IMPORTANT! Do not use Lindenberg Research Westcoast (bug)

I’m gonna upload the result to Youtube when we make an arbitrary decision to do so, but it would be awesome if you did your version too.

MusicalPals3_Espen.vcv (21.1 KB)


Hi Espen, interesting little sequence,
I just added a bit bass with bleak and tangents, nothing fancy

MusicalPals3_Espen_rsmus7_002.vcv (26.8 KB)


Very nice. :slight_smile:
Could go anywhere from here.

Anyone is free to join.

Is Tohe the free version? It is missing!

Dammit, you’re right! Will replace and reupload. Sorry about that.

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Fixed the patch with free Vult. Here’s rsmus7’s version too.

MusicalPals3_Espen_rsmus7_002.vcv (26.8 KB)

I played a little bit more and added a new voice with the new beta version of chortling hamsters module


MusicalPals3_Espen_rsmus7_003.vcv (38.7 KB)


Very nice. :slight_smile:
We’ll just have to be aware that beta modules can change a bit. We’ll see.

I don’t intend to change the functionality now, apart from adding a global attenuverter for the output voltages, as requested by @TroubledMind.

BTW, thanks @rsmus7. :slight_smile: It’s kind of humbling seeing other people using the module. :slight_smile: And the music that’s coming out of this collab is great! :slight_smile: I’m learning a lot watching what people are doing in the patch.


Added another Voice.

S&H triggering waveforms on XFX Wave and long delay(s) and reverb added.
Just trying to figure out why Remove is not playing, but it is/will quickly increase the filter on tangents. :smiley:

MusicalPals3_Espen_rsmus7_Coirt_004.vcv (115.6 KB)

Clock stopped and Voice I added muted just in case you get blasted out of it :grin:

That panel is very nice!

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Thank you! :smiley:

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Ah it is because a gate does not come out of the run button :wink:

Here’s a new version connected from the S&H clock pulse, will see if there is another way around the gate issue because it stops and starts.

MusicalPals3_Espen_rsmus7_Coirt_004_1.vcv (115.8 KB)


That’s a nice one. :slight_smile:

Hm, I see that a lot can be generated from Bitwise. There are still two unused outputs. We can’t have that. :smiley:

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MusicalPals3_Espen_rsmus7_Coirt_005.vcv (117.2 KB)

Added some movement to the quantizer with an ADDR-SEQ. Now it’ll step through some chords.


Well, my friends. Time to go to sleep in France (1:18 am) :smile: i’ll work on this tomorow when you’re asleep


it is a very interesting module
and has a nice GUI too :+1:

really interesting where this is going

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Hi guys. I’m adding a little tiny thing to this patch. But this is to much for my comp. This is a hudge patch. Cheers.

MusicalPals3_Espen_rsmus7_Coirt_Ghalebor_006.vcv (124.3 KB)

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Took the note changes into account and added a fade in for Ghalebor’s addition, also added the run state for remove with CV-Map.

MusicalPals3_Espen_rsmus7_Coirt_Ghalebor_007.vcv (152.7 KB)
I think there is a couple of bump notes, not sure where.

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