"Musical Pals" 3 - VCV Rack collab project

Oh man, this one grew quickly. Might be where a lot of computers start to struggle. Trying to optimize a little, removed scope and bpm calc, typed in the numbers instead. Might even combine some of the delays into one or two.
There are some slightly clashing notes here and there, but we’ll fix it.

I feel like doing a performance and recording at this point, possibly with a couple of additions. :slight_smile:


I’ve contributed a tremolo affected rhythmic “sine bird call” and a low sine supporting sound.

MusicalPals3_Espen_rsmus7_Coirt_Ghalebor_immortaljellyfish_008.vcv (159.6 KB)

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How did you calculate the voltages to switch scenes in the Re-Win Quantizer? I’ve been trying to the do the same, but the voltages I’m using switch sometimes, and other times it erases the scene. I obviously don’t have the correct scale.

the full range is 0-10v, divided in 16 equal steps. so every multiple of 0.625v will trigger the next scene

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I just turn the knobs until I hit the desired scene without having it running, before connecting a clock.

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I think it’s a good idea to stop adding things, now it’s getting really heavy. Just need to find a moment to make a performance and recording.


It could be nice to make an album with “Musical Pals” music based on cooperative patches :slight_smile:


Thank you. Worked great. I thought I did that once, but I think I messed up the decimal.

did you have a moment for recording?

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Oh, damn. Got caught up in some actual commissioned work, so it’s been mostly keyboard playing here. But hey… feel free. :smiley:
I’ll get to it eventually too.