Anyone interested in playing ''musical pals''?

No, you keep the old ones too. The free ones will have a little white ‘‘free’’ sign near the top right screw :slight_smile: . So you will still have the free ones, then also the updated ones (so you will have for exemple tangents free and tangents paid) , and finally the premium only ones (like vortex, flame etc i don’t remember them all haha) :wink:


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I think this patch too is ready for a recording. I will try to do one and post in the next couple of days :slight_smile:
Thanks to every participant ! Like last time, everybody will get credit, and also a link to their respective channels in the description :wink:

i added something on the right sidepatch2_MP_Coirt_Adi_Olival_rsmus7_Eurikon_020819_005.vcv (274.6 KB)

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Had little time to debug that crash, with Olival’s help I managed to narrow it down to Westcoast causing the crash.

Any chance of someone replacing Westcoast with an alternative module, so I can open the patch?

I edited the version Latif posted and replaced the Westcoast module by the free version of Debriatus
I hope you can load it now.

patch2_MP_Coirt_Adi_Olival_rsmus7_Eurikon_020819_006_No_Westcoast.vcv (274.1 KB)


By the way guys if what I added made it sound too crowdy, feel free to remove some of it.

@Olival_Clanaro sent me one also :partying_face: Wow sounding pretty great!

To take it in a different direction I added stuff…

There is 2 tracks muted on Poly Mix might/could work with some arrangement. Channel 4, a kind of percussion sound made with a snare (Hora) with some reverb added on the aux channel, it fades in with the help of Mover Lite.

The Kick effect sounds added by Eurikon could probably introduce the muted tracks quite nicely. Also I have been pressing “Run” on the master clock every now and then, this has some really nice effects going on :wink:

patch2_MP_Coirt_Adi_Olival_rsmus7_Eurikon_020819_006[XfxDrive].vcv (482.3 KB)

re: the first collab, after a while rsmus7’s bitkrush’ed noise voice started to grate on my ears (sorry, pal), so i removed it and reworked the patch to fit with my vision for it, adding some nature sounds. here’s the result (with patch link in the description):


Hi everyone ! Just wanted to let you know that i recorded and mastered our second collab, i will edit a video tomorrow and post it here soon :wink:
Sorry i didn’t do it sooner, i’ve had a lot of other music projects lately :sweat_smile:


The video is Online :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who participated in this :wink:
Working with @Coirt @AdiQ @rsmus7 @Eurikon was a lot of fun ! And again we got a very nice result !
Don’t hesitate to do recordings of your own too , this was just my take on it :smile:

Very fun collaboration everyone! And thanks Olival for recording it, sounds very cool!

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Really nice work guys. :slight_smile:
Would be fun to join if this happens again.


Get one going so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi Valentin! Thanks for including me :slight_smile:
Was nice to be able to add something to what already sounds great!

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Your work is trully one of the most amazing of the community, everyone would be happy to join if you start a new patch :wink:
Anyone is welcome to keep this project alive !

Ok, I’m in. Starting new thread. :slight_smile:


That is nice idea :slight_smile:

Made a thread for the new version.

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superb recording :+1:

this is really so much fun, and I’m fascinated how great this sounds

thanks Valentin

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