Anyone interested in playing ''musical pals''?

Hi ! I thought it would be interesting to play musical pals in Vcv rack ! Imo it’s such a good platform for that, you just need to send your .vcv file
So the rules would be :

  • one person creates a voice from scratch, then sends the file to the other pal
  • the other pal creates a new voice, then sends the file back
  • etc etc , until you end up with a nice generative patch !
    What do y’all think ? Would you be interested? It would make a nice interaction between members i think !
    Let me know you thoughts , Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Olival, we tried something like this but unfortunately there wasn’t that much interest. But I like the idea of collaborations and will also announce it in the News of the Rack. :metal::sunglasses:

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Thank you so much ! Cheers :slight_smile:

I’m totally down if you go first

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Cool ! I will try to start something then :smile:

@CaptainSelection Here is what i came with :slight_smile:
Have fun adding stuff :wink:

Musical Pals with Olival.vcv (41.7 KB)

Ps: if anybody else wants to continue it too, don’t hesitate ! (I only used free stuff)

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friendly request: please save your patch with the clock not running. i got a terrible blast of noise upon opening this.


oh sorry didn’t know about this, i changed the file :wink:

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Musical Pals with Olival and ablaut.vcv (46.3 KB)

turn on the clock and turn up the master volume!

i added a bass voice, and a granular shimmer with stereo widening.

i replaced the mixer with form from squinky labs as it is lighter on resources and has expansion modules in case people want to add a lot more channels.


Very nice ! It’s funny because i just purchased Vult like 30 mins ago, and i wanted to try flames :smile:
I love that shimmer effect you made ! I will now try to come up with a new voice :slight_smile:
Or if someone has an idea before me, go for it !

ah, sorry, i forgot flame was a paid module. i originally had lindenberg’s west coast there, set to saturation, but i wanted something lighter on resources (as these kinds of patches have a tendency to grow, and my machine is aging).

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No problem :wink: if someone doesn’t have vult, we’ll put back West coast ^^ Amazing job still !

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Hi Olival, I started something similar a while ago,
but it didn’t go very far

see here:

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Cool :slight_smile: well we can be pals if you want to redo it ! (i don’t have 0.6 anymore so i guess i can’t open your old :sweat_smile:)

I have the 3rd voice done !
Musical Pals with Olival and ablaut 3rd voice by olival.vcv (52.9 KB)

I too, have done a third voice, so now the fun begins :wink:

but you should rename it that it doesn’t get mixed with the other version.

here my contribution:

Musical Pals with Olival and ablaut and rsmus7.vcv (55.0 KB)

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you can try to load it in V1.0, I will try it too, maybe we can take it a bit further :wink:
only Ben didn’t yet migrate the Aepelzens GateSeq, that would be needed for the patch

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Oh ! I love your version too ! I was wondering with mine between a pad and a “more leady” sounds, and i went for the lead :slight_smile:
We should try to mix both !

no problem with “stoermelder Strip” we can save different module lines and add them to other versions of the patch

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True ! That thing is a real life changer :grin: ! I need to learn it haha, in the meanwhile could you merge our patches together please ? :slight_smile:
That way you can also mix everything if you want :wink: