NEW --- Collaboration chain patch game Nr. 1 is on!

I have the idea of doing a kind of chain-patch game,
so I started a patch and anyone how likes to join, can
take it and develope it further, then upload again, and the next one should develope it
a bit more and so on. Untill … whatever

the only rules are:

  • that you keep at least one voice/track of the patch you start with.
  • you can use only free available modules,
    if they are not in the plugins directory, you should provide a link here.
  • if you use samples you need to provide a link to them too.
  • you upload the patch here
  • you name the patch like this: date_your nick_chain-patch_step…(just count)

Besides this you can do whatever you want.

to get it all started I have made a patch that uses aepelzens quad sequencer,
you can get it here:

a short video to give you an idea of the start:

and the patch is here:2019_03_27_rsmus7_chain-patch_start.vcv (50.8 KB)

here now the version with only free modules
2019_03_27_rsmus7_chain-patch_start_free_modules.vcv (50.7 KB)

I hope some of you will join and have fun with this little game
happy patching


It’s a nice idea, which I also thought of for some time :wink: How will the order be maintained? Will there be a list with the sequence who comes after whom? If not, I think this could get really quick really chaotic, when e.g. 5 people take your patch and add their idea and nobody knows of the others additions.

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one way is to use the the naming (as I asked for),
but for me it is not a problem,
because every direction it goes is fine for me
and this might just be like a big tree where you can see a lot of different branches evolving
from one trunk.

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As long as people post their patch as a reply to its “parent” patch I don’t think it will be a problem. If things get messy we can just use some blockchain :slight_smile:

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nobody will try it?

are we in a hurry? I test new modules and work on a new episode of “What does this knob do?”, oh yes and also on VCP and this week will definetly be a new issue of News of the Rack and because the month is over, there will be News of the Rack monthly 03. So please be patient… :metal::sunglasses:

I love this idea! I’ve always wanted to collaborate with people in this group just for fun, but never sure how to go about it. I will give it a try when I get a chance, this patch sounds crazy, so I know this will equal good times!

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Alright I made a pseudo-snare, and turned a couple knobs on Trummor, that was fun, thanks for starting this @rsmus7 ! 2019_03_27_rsmus7_chain-patch_1.vcv (54.9 KB)

no hurry at all, I was just wondering, because there was no positive answer of anyone

thank you AdiQ, I will try your version asap,
just one little hint, it would be cool if you could rename the patch as I suggested in the first post, to make it not too confusing :wink:

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this is fun, I deleted two tracks from the mixer, now it is a bit more civilized imho :wink:

2019_03_30_rsmus7_chain-patch_2.vcv (54.3 KB)

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Not sure I have got this right but I have added one part to the original. Your version of trummor comes from the paid version of vult modules, so I couldn’t use that - but maybe that was meant to be.

2019_03_30_jamuud_chain-patch-02.vcv (77.0 KB)

@rsmus7 way not civilized enough for my taste! i wasn’t sure i could do anything with this patch, because it is pretty much the total opposite of what i do… but then i had an idea

i kept the snare voice, but adjusted some parameters, especially the envelope, and clocked the bpm down drastically

then i added ev3 for a more mellow melody and bass, and caudal for some modulation

finally i added oliverb and camilla (clouds parasites) and dialed in more plateau for a shimmery ambience

2019_03_30_ablaut_chain-patch_3_ambient-branch.vcv (50.3 KB)

i know it is pretty much unrecognizable, so i hope that is okay

oops, I’m sorry for the Trummor issue, it wasn’t intended to use the paid version,
I will replace it with the free version.

in the first post is now also the version with the vult free trummor

a nice addition with the chebbychew,
I added the free version of Trummor again

2019_03_30_jamuud_chain-patch-02-B.vcv (82.2 KB)

Hi Ben,

this is exactly what I like about the game,
it starts somewhere and goes somewhere totally diferent.
I really like what you did,
I added a pretty low and distorted WCO to your patch.

maybe someone will take it somewhere further

2019_03_30_rsmus7_chain-patch_4_ambient-branch.vcv (55.9 KB)

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So here is my first contribution, I took 2019_03_30_rsmus7_chain-patch_2.vcv
and added some rhythmic and melodic randomness with macro oscillator 2 und modulate its pan with LFN
2019_03_30_drno_chain-patch_3.vcv (57.1 KB)

my contribution to the ambient branch, again with macro oscillator 2 and some percussive sounds 2019_03_30_drno_chain-patch_5_ambient-branch.vcv (57.7 KB)

moving across to the other chain

2019_03_30_Jamuud_chain-patch_4.vcv (80.0 KB)