Milkrack: Old Skool Winamp visuals in your Rack

Hello fellow rackers, I’m sure most of you remember Winamp fondly, and its awesome visualization plugin, Milkdrop, as well. Milkrack brings Milkdrop memories directly to your Rack.

You can use actual .milk presets (Milkdrop presets, not Rack presets), and this ships with about 300 presets out of the box. There’s also a separate-window mode that you can use to fullscreen this on your second monitor.

Builds are available on Github here and this will soon be added to the plugin manager as well. Full docs are in the readme. You can see it in action in this cool track by @jedrzejewskimk.

Thanks a lot to @dizzy for his help with Window builds!


Not only do I remember, I use Winamp as my player and refuse to change. Nothing else has a better library function if you ask me. iTunes is a bloated store with a simplified player attached now.

Thank you, will definitely have fun with these. :slight_smile:


Excellent! Thank you :slight_smile:


Thanks for looking into the alternative screen mode!
Great stuff :+1:t4:

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This is my favorite one visualisation module for VCV Rack. Great job Uriel :slight_smile:


A quick note: this requires OpenGL 3.3+. That should work on like, 98% of computers in use out there according to the Steam hardware survey, but I was informed that Rack kept using OpenGL 2.0 to remain compatible with a significant number of users with older cards that don’t support 3.3. So if that’s you, sorry, you’re out of luck. Make sure your GPU drivers are up to date.

Thanks everyone for the kind words!

Does it include Annabel the sheep? :slight_smile:

I don’t think that was a Milkdrop preset, it was a RealPlayer thing wasn’t it? But if you find a .milk that renders Annabelle, you can drop it under Rack/plugins/Milkrack/presets_projectM and it should work. Some presets have issues, so the default collection is made of a pack that was freely distributable, minus all presets that I identified as causing issues.

Awesome! Thank you!

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As someone who uses Winamp and shows no signs of using anything different, this made me instantly get it without much hesitation. No more fumbling around with extra oscillators and needless phase shifting for TrowaSoft’s multiscope to get some pretty nifty visuals.
The next step would be to be able to create an Amiga 500 demo that can have various things controlled by CV.

Thank you for this, kind oldschooler, and let the llamas be with you.


looks great! looking forward to see it in the plug-in manager:)


@korfuri I try to port Milkrack to Rack v2

You don’t like my version? Where I did kind of the same? I can tell you the problems you will run into when porting the milkrack version.

Please do…

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I’m sorry but I don’t want to copy files to e.g. system32 on Windows. From my perspective, a plugin should install itself from the .vcvplugin file without any additional action by the user.


I was talking with Cristoph to check possibilities for this. But apparently there aren’t. When I share the code and people can build there own version there is no need for copying projectm into the rack folder. But for windows and mac you need i.e. glew installed. Are you saying you want to remove that dependency?

I try to port the original Milkrack from Rack v0.6 to Rack v2. Maybe I will struggle. Maybe I can’t solve all challenges that will pop up while porting. In the best case I can provide a VCV plugin that makes its way into the official library. In the worst case, at least I learned a lot.

Just to be clear, I have the same goal: getting the plugin in the official library. That is the reason why it is still in beta and of course because it wasn’t stable on all platforms.

Is there something wrong when 2 people try to reach the same goal?

I don’t think so, just want to make clear I have the same goal and I don’t want people to think I haven’t. Let me know when you run into any issues and I will see if I can help.