MIDI: your experiences and the state of support in Rack

I’d like to know your opinions and personal experience about the state of MIDI support in VCV. What works 100%, what doesn’t (if anything), what bugs are there (if any - and in case, where are they tracked).

Personally now I’m just sending a clock from VCV to a drum machine via USB MIDI. I’ve had quite a few issues trying to figure more complex Rack setups that would reliably work with my external hardware synths. I didn’t figure out if Rack had a role in causing these problems, or if it was all due to other reasons (this is why I haven’t yet filed any bug reports).

A few days ago someone wrote in another thread that “midi doesnt work well in vcv”, I guess that’s an improper generalization: but on the other hand, I’m not 100% sure about what works 100% reliably when it comes to VCV Rack 1.x & MIDI.

As a background, some links about other threads

I’ve said many times, MIDI input/output is sent/received roughly once per audio buffer, end of story. All of your linked threads are due to this. MIDI timestamps have already been added in the Rack v2 branch, so there no further discussion is needed.

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