Anyone using a Behringer X-touch compact with MixMaster?

Thinking about buying an X-touch compact for use with MixMaster but have some questions about whether it will work as I’d like it to…

Please let me know if you are using one. thanks

I have a x-touch mini so can’t comment, I use a novation zero sl mkII with mixmaster, that works well, plus if you’re in the uk there’s one on ebay for £60 buy it now atm - bargain.

Thanks Ewan,

That is a good price for the Zero SLMK2 - can you use it like 3 banks of 8 faders for 24 tracks? Would you mind giving a little detail on how you use it for the pan and 4 Aux Sends?

Having said that I’m really after something with motorised faders though …

And one of my questions regarding that is whether the faders would all zoom into correct position when opening a patch (if they were not already) or if there was a command that could be sent to make that happen rather than have do move them manually at the start each time.

With MIDI-CAT & 8FACE, sure.

I use an icon i-ceativ touch controller (2 banks of 8 faders mode through MIDI-CAT switched with 8FACE) to control all 32 aux sends. As it’s touch control you can go from 0 to 10 with a single touch which is handy, but you could just as easily map a zero SL to control sends.

Pan I usually set & forget and / or control with something like caudal to move stuff around randomly.

Personally, I’m trying to wait until Rack v2 is out before buying any new MIDI controller.

not sure how your final setup will look like, but you may need somewhere Count Modula Startup Delay - “A utility that generates a gate and trigger signal that is delayed with respect to the loading of a patch or the starting of Rack. Can be used to automatically start self-triggering modules such as the Befaco Rampage that require an initial manual trigger to get them cycling. Delay time can be set from 1 - 30 seconds”

Why is that? Is there a feature you are waiting for?

Yes, I developed my MIDI-CAT module specifically for this purpose!

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No, but there’s a radical fix/improvement about MIDI (or a series of them) that I may have been waiting for: MIDI: your experiences and the state of support in Rack

I’ve had enough problems with the combo Rack+MIDI+Linux+“an old computer”. Mostly about MIDI sync with external synths, rather than MIDI controllers - but I couldn’t figure out what the exact issues were, so I think it makes sense for me to wait until Rack offers a better support and see how my system behaves.

Ah ok, MIDI timing and sync will be indeed improved according to Andrew.

Was. Soon I’ll have two! Couldn’t resist at that price :slight_smile:

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Hi Steve :slight_smile:

There is a guy who made an X-Touch remote script for Reason. You could maybe hack or reverse engineer that script, or have anyone that understands Lua scripting (i think) look at it?

He got it almost fully working, with the exception of the scribble strips colors.

But then there is someone else who got the strips colors to work over here.

I been pondering over the X-Touch for both Reason and VCV for a while now, can’t make up my mind. Maybe we should get @marc_boule one for x-mass and let him look at it :joy:

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