Member Introductions 😃

(Tony) #144

Hello, I’m Tony from Nelson British Columbia and I enjoy experimental electronic music and linux.

(Pondracer1) #145

Hi all,

I am Jack from the only 4 letter state in the United States - Utah.

I enjoy destructing/constructing sound in general. I discovered modular synths first but not having any money to make that entry, was happy to see vcv rack and jumped onto it.

I work in the electronics industry for a living, and am working on getting into woodworking and glassworking as an additional source of income to be able to finally enter the hardware world - and to get a cochlear implant for my left (deaf) ear.


(Jay Goodman00) #146

First of all, thank you Andrew and all of the DEVS for your generosity in the VCV Rack project.

My name is Jay and I am from this planet. I have lived here for over 60 years. In this time I have been a draftsman, a maid in Yellowstone park, a worker in the Trans Alascan pipeline, a Cutco salesman, a waiter at the Bohemian Club, an audio engineer, a pool shark and even a paid musician. If your eyes could see what my eyes have seen… oops, sorry, that’s another story.
Anyway, in between all the occupations, sound and music has always been a common thread in my in my life and VCV Rack connects all the dots. It pieces all the sights and sounds I have experienced and gives me a vehicle to try an recreate them sonically.

Lastly, Thank you again


(Latif) #147

Latif from FB group.
Glad to see a real official forum up and running, finally had the chance to activate my account.
Music :musical_note: = Love :heart_eyes:, for me ever since i opened up a tiny transistor radio at the age of 7 to see where the little people were hiding that i was hearing playing inside of it… :joy:
Thanks for creating VCV Rack, excited to be part of all this. :+1:

(Dean Davies78) #148

hi my name is Dean, I am based in Wales, UK. I have been using rack for about a year in amongst my DAW and other instruments. I love using it to create new ideas for music and will continue to use it within my workflow.

I am on the usual streaming sites if you would like to check out my very short music journey so far.

Spotify ( HUSHIRO )

iTunes (HUSHIRO)

(Fiorenzo Fuolega) #149

Hi, I’m Fiorenzo, from Italy. I’m an archaeologist but also a musician (my former band released a bunch of albums and toured Italy quite extensively). Until last year I have been a guitarist, and my mentality, in some aspects, was “of the worst species”: no guitar, no party. But something was creeping inside me… it always had… that unspoken, unadmitted thrill when a massive synth entered the scene in a Radiohead song, or the heavy basslines of Burial… And then, in late 2017, my abrupt “coming out” :slight_smile: : I saw James Blake live, and I definitely fell in love with massive synth walls, and synths in general. Just a couple of monts after, in october 2017, I attended a class about sound synthesis. The teacher used Rack (I think v 0.3…), and we all fell in love with the software.
Now I’m a happy patcher, my guitar runs through Rack or does not run at all! I’m writing and recording a lot of music: partly electronic, partly in the score field.

(Solomon) #150

Hello all,

I’m Solomon, community college student in LA transferring as a liberal studies major this fall. I do experimental music (as I have no musical talent) and sound art. Besides using VCV, I do spoken word/chanting, play prepared guitar, use iPhone apps, and cut-ups to do my art. Looking forward to see how this community evolves.

(Tuborgman) #151

Hi there,

Eugene Kuzmitsky / tuborgman from FB group.

Still beginner at this modular thing. After discovering the VCV Rack in March last year I was hypnotized. Never thought about Eurorack (never was even aware as much as now), and now (in ~10 months) I have Minibrute2s + Rackbrute 6U full of modules + 0-coast and some other stuff. Still beginner, still hypnotized, still learning :slight_smile: Love this stuff! VCV Rack is the best software for entering the scene, IMHO!

(Ilsorvi) #152

Hi there I’m Michele From Milan ! I’m a sys admin and a music geek lost in tekno and acid styles, as an Itc tech I think vcv is one of the most exiting thing happened in the Music It in the last decade

Have fun you all ! :slight_smile:

(John Hoar / Amalgamated Harmonics) #153


I’m John, the developer/perpetrator of the Amalgamated Harmonics module series. I live near Madrid, Spain.

I was inspired to get involved with VCV as a vaccine against a potentially financially crippling EuroRack habit and the AH module series emerged both as a way of understanding how VCV works and a massive itch-scratch.

(Alan Holding) #154

@johnhoar Thank you for making Scale Quantizer Mk. II. I use it all the time. :slight_smile:

(Erik Van Wees) #155

Hi All,

I am Erik, from the Netherlands, today i found one of my inspirations again after having that melody in my head for 42 years (not constantly, thank heavens :wink: )

That, and the intro to “Baba O’Riley” on Who’s Next have been, apart from the other artists mentioned by you all before, my earlier introductions (Only recently found out who that Baba was … :wink: )

Special mention also for Ad Visser’s “SuperClean DreamMachine” radio-show in The Netherlands that has introduced my generation to prog-rock and synth music …

Fast forward a couple of years I watched Junkie XL show off his modular gear. and right after bumped into the introduction of VCV Rack on Synthopia (I believe) The rest is history; Thanks to @Vortico and the rest of the amazing developers.

I have recently added a cheap second hand PC to my gear, my old laptop wasn’t cutting it, so maybe I can start posting some (small) patches in the future …

Currently living with and caretaking my elderly parents, Rack and even more importantly, this amazing community, is what’s keeping me sane … Thanks Guys and Gals!

(Browneditor) #156

I am a videographer, video editor, director and sound editor from Buffalo, NY. My main editing tools are Final Cut Pro X, Editshare’s Lightworks, and Avid Media Composer. My digital vfx compositors of choice are Natron and Nuke. I have 20 years of music songwriting and production experience. I love the art of film-making and 3D visual effects.

I am truly loving VCV Rack and all of the developer contributions.

(Martin) #157

So you read Pete Townshend’s autobiography? :slight_smile:

(Jim Frye) #158

The year was 1974 and PAiA just released the Gnome mini synth to their long list of modular synthesizer components. I wrote and asked for their catalog, but I was 13 and poor. I saved and bought parts and finally built a Gnome clone from a magazine article. I had fun running it through amplifiers salvaged from old car radios. :slight_smile:

I grew up and made a living and a pivotal point I wanted to start a business. I wanted it to be electronics related, music or robotics. I decided when I discovered a guy made a hobby servo controller that could connect to a computer for receiving position information, and in 1995 I created Lynxmotion. We had a great time providing these robots to schools and hobbyists around the world. However in 2012 our health was failing we sold the business and begrudgingly entered an early retirement. In 2017 I renewed my interest in synthesizers. I started by designing PC boards from known good schematics and buying those parts I needed for my new try at a DIY synth. I knew it would take about three years to build my modular, but after a great start I had to abandon my efforts due to further health issues.

I now focus my energy on VCV Rack because I can not build real hardware anymore. It’s not all bad, I am really enjoying my virtual modular synthesizer of my dreams! I hope my music will be liked and I hope I can find a way to help make a meaningful contribution to this community. Thank you so much Andrew Belt.

(Stephan R. Petrinec) #159

LOVE Kraftwerk! I hope you enjoy the concert! My cousin introduced me to them when I was young, with the songs “Pocket Calculator” and " Numbers", and I was hooked! Nice to meet you!

(Stephan R. Petrinec) #160

Hey, were you one of the “originals” on AcidPlanet back in those days? I was a member of AcidExchange, and then FAS (Fallen Angel Society). I was Lobo Diablo… Jah Red’s floating around here somewhere too. Great to meet one of the old Acid users! Cheers!

(Dave Phillips) #161

Dave Phillips here, the one who lives in NW Ohio, not the other ones. :slight_smile: I am a composer/teacher/performer, I’ve been using VCV Rack since shortly after its initial announcement on KVR. See my YouTube channel at for a collection of pieces, studies, and exercises for Rack (and other systems such as Csound). Incidentally, before using VCV Rack I had never used any modular synth, virtual or real. It’s been and is still quite a remarkable journey.

(Michael Lloyd) #162

Hello from Pueblo.Co.USA.I’m Michael.Retired from working.I put my school years of music training on hold in my teens.Diving head first into my skills again.Always been interested with synths since I heard Moog sounds in the 60"s.Had a DX 27 in the 90"s.I have a SY 77 atm.Just found out about Rack Synths bout a year ago.Found VCV Rack last May while researching Rack systems on the net.
Thank-you Andrew Belt for the opportunity to learn an insturment(s) I am head-over-heels infatuated with! Going to be way ez to move into real hardware when the time comes.

(Cy Ball) #163

Hi Michael, I am Cy Ball and I live in Denver. I have been retired for 9 years. Before retirement, I decided making music on my computer would be a good retirement hobby even though I only had a couple of years piano lessons as music training. I found VCV Rack last January and have been entranced ever since. This is great fun!