Member Introductions 😃

(Loveridgem) #164

I’m Mike Loveridge from Vancouver, WA USA. This is my text from my profile.

I have been interested and working with synthesizers since 1974. I always found synthesized music intriguing and my background in electronics made the interest more profound.

I was taking drum lessons from a man that built his own synthesizers using digital TTL logic and ICs. I asked him if he would teach me his electronics instead of drums and he hesitantly agreed. He didn’t want to teach me electronics and I told him I already had most of the knowledge and just wanted to learn his application. He soon found that we had a lot in common and I learned so much from him. His name was Stan Lunetta and while we were onsite at Cal Expo in Sacramento when he was setting up for one of his concerts, a local newspaper journalist was interviewing him and he introduced me as his protege. I couldn’t keep the grin from my face! I was so excited to think he called me his protege.

I went to several Tangerine Dream concerts in the San Francisco Bay area between 1974 to 1984. I loved all their Moog equipment and wished there was a way I could just sit at it and play around. I have always been drawn to elegant sequences.

In 2015 I saw a documentary on synthesized music where I discovered Eurorack for the first time. I had to have! After spending close to $5,000 on modules, I found I was not playing with it much and in 2017 I sold all the modules to buy my 5-string Fender bass.

In October of 2018 I discovered VCV Rack and have been all over it since! It’s beyond unbelievable! So many incredible advantages with software over hardware. Saving patches and presets are the obvious advantages, but duplicating modules is a hidden advantage. I can duplicate $250 oscillators on a whim. There are many amazing sequencers that can do so many things that only extremely expensive hardware could only begin to imagine…

There is so much to learn and do that this will take me well into my retirement age. Thanks to people like Omri Cohen who take the time to learn about modules and then teach them to others, I can do even more!

(CarlosAraneta) #165

Hello. My name is Carlos. I go by Nimbus Gray in my electronic music endeavors. I am based in Redmond WA but born in Manila Philippines. Recently got into using VCV Rack when i have built up confidence in learning synthesis in general after being a rock and jazz fusion musician for the past decade and a half. Hoping to learn more and discover from the community as well as to have a chance to give back as well.


(Hubcapbrian) #166

I’m Brian from Massachusetts, USA. Strictly a hobbyist as far as electronic music, but I have been a working bassist for 40+ years now. I sold off my remaining hardware in 2017 and am now totally computer based. I use both Logic and Live, I started experimenting with Rack when it first came out but was really waiting for Bridge so I could use it with my DAWs.

(Jeanlouroy) #167

Hello all, Jean-Lou here, Acadian from northeastern New Brunswick, Canada.:canada:
Always enjoyed experimenting around with sounds via software (most mileage went into Audiomulch in recent years). No musical background per se, simply a fondness for out-of-the-ordinary music which led me naturally to this hobby of sculpting waveforms. Recently discovered VCVRack and upon my first foray, it immediately rekindled my passion for audio manipulation. Still in the process of exploring the various plugins and reacquainting myself with synthesis. Intuitive, plenty of room for creativity and just a joy to work it, this piece of software is awesome. Merci Andrew!

(Jhon Shepherd) #168

I was unknown as all get out but holy crap yeah back in 2002 I went under the moniker of Faktor/sKinpop.