Member Introductions 😃

(MSM) #184

I wouldnt do anything that could upset them. For example creating a module which looks like its made by Roland etc…

(Highcarbschwabe) #185

Thanks, I feared that they might threaten people with “aggressive actions”. I guess I’ll contact them and ask them to greenlight my little project for good measure…

(Highcarbschwabe) #186

Thanks! I have contacted them. We’ll see what happens…

(Bozidar Hristov) #187

Hello everyone, I am Bozhidar Hristov from Skopje, Macedonia. I am a DJ, music lover and also a programmer. My DJing style mostly gravitates towards House, Techno & Disco, but I have a little bit of everything… I would like to focus on music production in the next period and try to make something that people would dance to :smile:.

You can find some of my mixes on my Soundcloud profile

For a long time I have been focused on some more pressing issues in life like my financial situation, instead of jumping into music production… But, music has been always an important part of my life and now it is clear that the next step for me is production, as I have made a good name as a DJ locally.

VCV Rack is a great product and a great community. It feels like it’s growing at a very, very fast pace and the possibilities as a Rack & open source are unlimited. Right now as a Linux user I would like to incorporate a workflow between Bitwig Studio & VCV Rack. I feel like I can benefit as a producer by learning to work with these two programs.

If someone has tips on Linux for music production & audio development feel free to point me out.

Thanks for building VCV Rack, hope to show you some music soon!

(Denis Tercier) #188

Salut Rémi. Je me réjouis de voir ça. Bienvenue !

(Skip Lewis) #189

Hello everyone,
Newbie here to VCV Rack and looking to explore it more. I’m currently working as a logistics contractor under NATO in Afghanistan. To while away my off-duty time, I took up game design and development as a hobby a few years ago. When I started the music and sounds available used were canned. Since then, I’ve decided to brush off the cobwebs and try making my own music for my games to give them a unique sound. I have been playing around with using Reaper as my DAW along with the various synth plug-ins available and its been a joy. Last year I came across an article that talked about VCV Rack and curiosity got the best of me. So I’ve branched off some to learn how VCV Rack can be used to compose music as well as sounds for my games. I look forward to the learning. As a side note (and risk aging myself…lol) my music tastes are quite eclectic. I say that as I grew up during the British invasion of the USA in the mid-60’s and am an alumnus of the original Woodstock in '69. I have studied piano and clarinet as well as some music theory in college. However lately it has been all self-study recalling things from decades ago. My main goal at the moment is getting the sounds from VCV Rack into Reaper. I’ve found some videos that may help. I will be “retiring” in a couple years and I can see between my music composition aspirations, as well as learning and using VCV Rack, will keep me busy.

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(Matthewdwyer) #191

Hello everyone,

I’m Matt from New York. I’m a telecom engineer. I have interests in music, electronics and programming which has naturally led me here. I’ve been fascinated with modular synths since I first heard Switched on Bach, but I never quite got into it. VCVRack has renewed my interest in electronic music over the past few months. In the mid 90s, I composed a lot of MIDI and MOD tracker music.
Now I’m creating sound and music in a way I would never have imagined. It’s very addictive!

Anyway… I’ve started some work on ideas for a few modules. I may be asking for some help on compiling and testing for MacOS soon!

(Tarnith) #192

Hi, I’m Daniel aka Tarnith.

I’m a musician/producer, I’m a fan of every genre and love to dive as deep as possible. I work in IT doing DevOps and am getting further into programming (Python, JS, C++, Hopefully some VCV modules in future, DSP is fascinating to me)

I’ve been studying theory and production for a few years now, and have been playing guitar fairly steadily for ~8 years. In the past few I’ve focused more and more of my time towards music production. This started with basic guitar recording, and then moved into buying multiple instruments, midi keyboards, interfaces, pedals, monitors and headphones. VCV has been a great further introduction to modular, a concept I’ve already been familiar with from synth programming and Bitwig 2.

I find emergent behaviour and unexpected results of complex systems fascinating, and find it very relaxing and low pressure building up modular patches. It’s a very zen state of contemplative engagement and feedback.

(Matt N) #193

Matt here, recording over the last few years as “industry city sleepers” and prior to that “iammane”. Outside of the many years using Reason, no real experience with modular software and none with hardware. Would love to sink my teeth into it a little bit time permitting, hard with two young kids so the last 8 or so years has been all iOS production. Glad to see a nice thriving community for VCV, it’s quite an application and as soon as I’ve got some time and can wrap my head around the sequencing I’d like to make some bleeps and bloops :slight_smile:

(Michael Heuer) #194

Hello, I am Michael.

My boys and I like to make stuff, guitar pedals, DIY eurorack modular, DIY lunetta-style modular, controllers, instruments, etc.

I have been writing (rather naive) audio code in ChucK for several years, see

I am most interested in adapting some of the effects I’ve implemented in ChucK to work in VCV, whether by integrating libchuck or by rewriting in whatever dsp VCV provides.

Which is perhaps some kind of parallel to the ChucK running on Raspberry Pi eurorack module we’re building. :wink: