Member Introductions 😃

(Paul Piko) #204

I have P&T, it’s a great book

(Dprcrna) #205

Hello. My name is Don and I live in Arizona. A recent convert to modular synthesis and rapidly becoming a rackhead. I have been playing keyboards for over a half a century and synthesizers for about half that long. Very interested in music synthesis by turning knobs, moving sliders and placing patch cords now. Looking forward to learning (and making plenty of mistakes) as I go. This looks like a good place to do so. Cheers!

(Dave Phillips) #206

Umm, you might want to bear in mind that there’s a little 4-letter state somewhat East of you, it’s called Ohio. :slight_smile:

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(Jim Frye) #207

Um, and don’t forget Iowa… lol


Hi everyone! My name is Victor
I am interested in vcv rack because I like the idea of self-contained system which provides real flexibility (freedom). Basic DAW “loop-grid-draw automation line” approach just kills my creativity, it’s like a cage to me. So I became a vcv rack user.

(Frank Zuidervaart) #209

Hi, I’m Frank! I live in the Netherlands in a small coastal village.

I love creating patches / presets for synths, and I have published a few patchlibraries under my label Krezie Sounds.

I’m mostly into software synths, and I’ve recently begun exploring VCV Rack.
I think it’s a great synth application, but just as important is the huge and friendly community around it. There are a lot of passionate plugin developers active who make great plugins for the synth. This community driven spirit really sets VCV apart from other virtual modulars in my opinion.

So, I jump on this rolling train, and I’m confident we’ll make a great journey with it :grin:

A special thanks to @Vortico for making such a great synth, and a big thank you to @Omri_Cohen as well for making such great video’s about VCV!

(Omri Cohen) #210

Hi Frank! I’m really glad you enjoy my videos :slight_smile: Welcome to Rack-Land!

(David Muddyman) #211

Hi I am David Muddyman aka Jamuud (and a lot of other names beside).

I have been one-half of Loop Guru who made a lot of records on small labels in the 90s. Now I just make music for fun. I have always been interested in modular synths but never had the money for one. I do have two beaten up analogue synths I bought in the late 70s-early 80s. The Roland 101 (part of the first Roland 100 system) and a Yamaha CS15. My pride and joy in my Space Echo.

5 years ago I changed path completely and went to art college to do a degree in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking. Another thing I love and something I have wanted to do since I was 14…You can see some of my art at along with music I have created to go with the paintings.

VCV Rack has taken over my life for the last two months watching countless great videos. It is so nice to be with a community that just really loves what it does. I would like to thank all the developers for their incredible work and @Omri_Cohen, who has taught me so much.

(Productos) #212

Hi gang,
My name is Alfredo Vargas but people call me Bicho (bug, in Spanish)
I have a business called Audiotecna, we are the official dealers and retailers for Teenage Engineering, Moog Music, Koma Elektronik, Ableton and other brands in Colombia

I also teach synthesis and similar topics on different institutions, and we are also the service center for Moog in our country

I rarely make tracks, though I toy with the gear every day

(mm) #213

I’m myst mach, I’m a bisexual musician & official mouldy boy from australia, currently learning dsp so I can make modules for vcv & eventually develop my own eurorack modules, I’ll probably be using this forum a lot for questions regarding dsp.

(Ada) #214

Hey, I’m Ada. I’m a trans anarchist musician working mostly in noise under the name mavd. All my music links can be found on my website, (I’ll be adding a dark mode to it soon, for more comfortable viewing). Lately I’ve been listening to Black Dresses, Against Me, and RVIVR a lot, but I also like things like Joanna Newsom or Chad Vangaalen. Outside music, I like video games, cooking, and anime.
I also write lyrics I guess but I’m not comfortable using them yet.

(Will Mitchell (Starling)) #215


My name is Will and I am one of the people behind Starling, a new synthesizer company. We are about to release a line of modules called Via as open source Rack plugins and physical eurorack modules. I am preparing our first release for submission to the community library.

We will make a proper announcement in the appropriate place when thats all sorted out, but for now I just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks to @Vortico, the other 3rd party developers, the users, and all others who have contributed to this project and fostered the community. As a musician who is learning programming by making instruments, watching Rack’s development has been tremendously inspiring and informative.

A little about me, when I’m not doing development for Starling, I make music as Liquid City Motors, work at an online music retailer, and teach digital music production at an after-school program here in Milwaukee. I am excited to be a part of this community :smiley:

(Jeff Check) #216

Hi I’m Jeff Check.

I work as a Suspension Engineer - Just discovered VCV rack and VCV rack is better than building race cars!

Its so damn fun its all I cant think about

i’ve bought every premium module and watched hundreds of hours of youtube and read so many books now its sick.

Its the blinking lights, its the challenge, its the cables… and its the idea that when I get real good i’m going to buy the REAL version of the VCV setup and that will be my last day alive.

Reality, VCV rack is more fun that the real thing. Amazing program, spectacular.

Native Reaktor blocks is awesome and they for sure have a super talented team of experts, and the user modules are killer… but the VCV rack man, it tickles a special place. its unique. so happy I found it.

Jeff check - old 49 yr old dood who loves to race and build race cars - Dearborn Michigan - and I do have a ripper 2012 Mustang race car.

Hope you hall have a great day / night. If its anything like me, you will stay up all night trying that one more thing in vcv.

(Andrew Belt) #217

Ann Arbor has a modular meetup you might want to check out. I don’t live there anymore, but there were ~30 people last time I was there.

(Jeff Check) #218

I’ll for sure check that out - seems I missed the one at the AA library and I have a friend who works there she didn’t say squat about it!

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(Jeff Check) #219

Quick question, do vcv folks go to knob con in Schaumburg? Or is that all hardware only guys?

No need to answer, i’ll search on my own.

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(Sinan 166) #220

Hi, I’m Sy Borg, your friendly Jewish cyborg.

Sometimes I feel inspired to do music. When I feel super inspired I also record.
But most of the times I feel like limp male genitals. So I noodle around with my guitar waiting to fall asleep, cause I can do drugs without consequences in my dreams. In real life the consequences are much harder, so I try to stay clean.

My favorite module is core audio.

My favorite DAW is Ableton.

My favorite virtual modular synth is VCV.

My favorite jazz pianist is Keith Jarrett.

(Andrew Belt) #221

Here was Knobcon 2018.

He’s my second favorite. First is Thelonious Monk.

(Sinan 166) #222

Monk is God, but I have a sweet spot in my heart for that EMC sound.

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(Josep) #223

Hi all, I’m Josep from Tarragona, Catalonia.
I started working in electronic music composition 25 years ago, working with several of the primitive DAW’s until finally today, where the key pieces of my studio are basically FLStudio (15 years), VCV Rack (very recently), some plugins from u-He and a lot of imagination. (The last plugin is the most difficult of all).

As I mentioned, VCV Rack has been a recent discovery, and I’m exploring all its capabilities. I hope to be able to collaborate with this community very soon.