Member Introductions 😃

(Paul Piko) #204

I have P&T, it’s a great book

(Dprcrna) #205

Hello. My name is Don and I live in Arizona. A recent convert to modular synthesis and rapidly becoming a rackhead. I have been playing keyboards for over a half a century and synthesizers for about half that long. Very interested in music synthesis by turning knobs, moving sliders and placing patch cords now. Looking forward to learning (and making plenty of mistakes) as I go. This looks like a good place to do so. Cheers!

(Dave Phillips) #206

Umm, you might want to bear in mind that there’s a little 4-letter state somewhat East of you, it’s called Ohio. :slight_smile:

(Jim Frye) #207

Um, and don’t forget Iowa… lol


Hi everyone! My name is Victor
I am interested in vcv rack because I like the idea of self-contained system which provides real flexibility (freedom). Basic DAW “loop-grid-draw automation line” approach just kills my creativity, it’s like a cage to me. So I became a vcv rack user.