Member Introductions 😃

Hello, I’m Andrew Belt, the founder of VCV and the developer of VCV Rack and many Rack plugins. I’m a recent physics/math/CS PhD dropout from Michigan State, but I currently live in eastern Tennessee and work on VCV full-time. Since my work only requires a few laptops and a Eurorack skiff, I travel the U.S. and couch surf a lot. Although I’ve gone to hundreds of modular synth live shows and workshops in the last several years, my true musical passions are disco, jazz, and house. You can usually find me playing my Rhodes alone after midnight. You can read about the history of the VCV project at

Want to introduce yourself as well? Make a post below and you’ll be welcomed to the community!


Hello, I’m Martin from France. Thank you for the amazing VCV Rack! I’m probably a bit of an alien here, I’m using Rack to try to blend modular synths and black metal. I did a first demo using Arturia softsynths, but now I’m writing an album with a systematic and heavy use of VCV Rack over the usual Black Metal guitars, vocals and drums. Rack is so inspiring.


Hey, My name is Craig and I live just outside of London. I am fairly new the VCV Rack and currently looking at the possibilities of integrating it into my studio. I’m very much look forward to getting involved with the community going forward.

I must say this forum is looking very slick so far and I’m delighted to be apart of it. Thanks.

Speak soon.


Hey everyone, I’m Dale Johnson a.k.a Valley, and I develop 3rd party modules for VCV Rack. I got into synths and programming when studying Music Technology at the University of Huddersfield, and was introduced to Rack by my friend Oli. I recently completed a PhD that looked into developing methods of improving virtual room acoustics and reverb for VR (Plateau was an output from my literature review :wink: ). I also like to build and repair synths and other music gear, I enjoy listening to electronic music in the style of Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Ceephax Acid Crew, and I love to play bass guitar and synth. My favourite synth is the DX7 (of all things) as FM synthesis is the most exciting synthesis method to me :smiley:


Hi, I am Harry. A Venezuelan guy running away from the communism in my country, I moved to the States 5 years ago with my family. Djing as a hobby for at least 15 years, sharing my passion for House Music. Just found VCV rack by accident, now I am so engaged to this that it is turning into a daily necessity. I do not understand a sh*** yet but I like what I am walking through daily. Thanks Andrew for all your work. Respect V.


very GOOD VALLEY !!! :sunny:


Hello Rackheadz! I am Andrea A.G. Grossi from Facebook! Happy to see the community officialy born!

Let’s see: I am a science lecturer/writer, that’s what I do to make ends meet (plus little other techie/geeky stuffs).
In my spare time I love to fly my kwadkopters fleet, play some videogames (both 8bit and modern), play my musical instruments (and I include VCV Rack, of course! :smile: ) in rock, blues and chiptune styles, do some electro and science bricolage (I am working on a DIY kalliroscope, atm). Computer Graphics (2D and 3D) is another hobby but way much less cultivated.

I’m in retrocomputing a lot and in struggling to learn again to code but my huge loves are Math and Physics!

'Nuff said for now! A big hugh to everyone! :sunglasses::level_slider::level_slider::control_knobs::control_knobs:


Hello fellow beings of the rack,

I like yourselfs have had my life completely taken over by VCV Rack. Enough said really except for…
I do breathing, eating, sleeping etc Then it’s time to be creative…
I have skills and achievements and other thingey mer jigs of that nature. But I never tell them on a first date. I expect a drink maybe a meal first. But i am sure as we spend time with each other we are going to get to know stuff about each other…I look forward to it. Love Stef Zen


Hi everyone! Xavier from France,

I wish to everybody all the best in this forum and in you lives, cheers!


Hi, I am Alessandro Bonino, I live in northern Italy, I’ve been abusing electronic instruments since last century. I run an Insurance agency but sometimes people call me to make noises on modular synthesizers around Italy. I’ve been using Rack since its inception and I think it’s a game-changer. It’s the first software I could live in.


Hi Denis here, musician/composer/soundesigner for animated films, coming from a noise rock background but always interested in synths as well, trying to learn modular synthesis with the amazing vcv rack, fascinated by the possibilities of “systemic composition”, and of course die hard autechre fan.


Hi, Martin from Germany. Working as video producer and coach for video production. Interested in modular synths since winter 2017. Fell in love with VCV last summer and bought my first modular hardware in winter 2018. Addicted? Nooooooo!!


Jumped some years ago from Italy to Berlin.
I am a software developer and a music hobbyist.
I was always fascinated about EuroRack, however I never had the chance, space and time to try it! :joy:
Hope to learn something from this forum about VCVRack at the speed of light!

Thank you for this opportunity to play with VCVRack
Which is, of course, a mind-blowing piece of software, you rock!



Hey rackheadz, happy to be here, I’m Steph Mus from FB. VCV is my first real encounter with modulars.
I’ve done software betatesting for many VST companies and I have done presets for some companies,
as Fabfilter, U-He… usually I use my nick “rsmus7” for music related stuff.
I’m really enjoying VCVrack and I hope we all will have a great time using it and have a lot of fun with it.
Many thanks Andrew for making all this possible.


Espen from Oslo, Norway. One of the regulars in the FB group, I think. Keyboardist, musician, producer. Have done a lot of work in the prog rock and metal world, but always enjoyed electronics a lot, so I was drawn to Rack eventually. I have a synth obsession, and this is easily the best software “synth” I’ve ever used.


Hi, I’m Christoph and I live in Colorado.

I have a EE degree and have been working as a software developer for a long time. As a DIY enthusiast, I like to build things and VCV Rack is a perfect way to combine my passion for music with building new and interesting ways to create music. I am especially interested in integrating VCV Rack with the hardware world and vice versa.

I am a member of various VCV Rack teams on Github and help review and maintain submissions to the community plugin repository.

I develop my own VCV Rack modules as modular80.


Hi all, my name is Nedim, i live in NYC. Keyboard player and mostly Sound Designer
Audio Engineer for the last 25 years. Worked for Korg, Ketron and NI in the Past.
I also own a lot of Eurorack and 5U Modulars and other Modular stufffor the last 25 years.
Started with VCV Rack recently but did not have hard time based on my Modular experience.
I hope i get the help i need and give the help i can in here.
I have also been a Beta Tester for many things.
Many people know me as BasariStudios on many forums and Nedim Zengovski on FB.
My Modular work is mostly East Coast based and my biggest influence is Jean Michel Jarre,



Hey all, Pat from Edmonton AB Canada (I’m only at 53.5° Lat, so not too far North…)

Diploma in Music (Performance in Voice and Guitar), dropped out of Civil Engineering Technology.

Between my Neurodivergence, Mental Health issues, and being diagnosed with both Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the last couple years, my fledgling interest in synths looked to be limited to DIY Altoids tin stuff and my Korg Volcas, until I found VCV Rack in 0.5.0 (December 2017). Now, the world of sound is my oyster. :grin:

I produce music as Patman !

I host a weekly radio show on 88.5 FM (Tuesdays 00:00 GMT-7) titled The Heaviest Matter of the Universe, where I play metal and more, focusing on a different country each week!

I’m also the Lead and Maintainer of the manual writing project for @synthi 's NYSTHI!


Hey yall.
I’m Ofer Smilansky, been going around by a few names… Albert Rasputin on Facebook. Love the rack, been in it since early on.
I do electronic music, always on the experimental side of life, both in the outcome and the process. Started with reaktor back in the days, went through a eurorack phase, but always prefered the computers over hardware. It’s not a statement about what is better, it just fits my workflow better. Long live vcv!


Hello folks !
I live in France and compose acousmatic & computer music.
VCV Rack is a fabulous tool that helps me a lot in my research in sound synthesis. With its thousand modules, it allows incredible experiments…
Thanks to the fantastic developers of this community !