Member Introductions 😃

(Mubali) #21

Hi! I’m Greg (otherwise known as Mubali)
I’m a psychedelic trance producer based in California, currently attending UC San Diego as an Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major here. I’ve been interested in modular synthesis for many years now after being exposed to Doepfer and some friends who were doing Eurorack, however financials prevent me from jumping down that rabbit hole currently.

Vcv Rack has been a wonderful tool to create ideas that I use in my compositions. I also like to use this as a teaching tool for teaching synthesis concepts.

Eventually, I would like to develop a module or two to add to the community, but I’m not very good at programming in the traditional sense. I have developed several max for live devices and have a pretty good understanding of both Pure Data and Max/MSP, but I suck at coding.

(Myc053) #22

hi my name is mycose, i’m from france.
Happy to be there thanks for all.
See you soon

(Aleksandar von Zimmer) #23

guten tag! :slight_smile:
i am aleks from cologne/germany. i like cats, swimming and sleeping. i also like hard techno music and armenian folksongs. i manage some creative commons labels, make videos and enjoy cooking rice. i mainly use software to make music but i also have a small modular rig (mainly for instagram to impress chicks). i will leave one link here: //

(zero) #24

Evening from the UK - Zero here, Been playing with Rack and on the FB group since version 0.4 - I think,
I like the forum Andrew - same style as the Manjaro forum, so I’m right at home.


Hello, i’m joe! I am a musician from Italy. I use vcv rack everyday, in my compositions and studies. I don’t talk too much but i love this community and soon i’ll share some finished works!

(Antonio Tuzzi) #26

YOU ARE TOP!!! @Patman

(keepitdolph) #27

My name is Mason and I too live in East Tennessee. I’ve been making horrendous noise for decades and have used VCV since v0.3. Thank you developers for these tools from one who’s always wanted to work with Eurorack but never to spend that amount of money.

(dysk0) #28

Hi, I’m henry from Toronto, Canada.

I make minimal wave/ebm inspired dark techno. Well to say I “make” it is quite an overstatement. I start then get lost in sound design. Which is completely fine with me. Been using Rack since the beginning and am constantly amazed at the community that has developed around this great product.

(Knuckleface) #29

Hi, I’m Jonathan, from Canada.
Started with music with computers really and have been moving into hardware more and more over the years. Found Rack when Andrew mentioned it on Muffs and have been using it ever since. Mainly just on a Surface Pro while I’m binging netflix on my couch.
Good to be here :slight_smile:

(Adi Quinn) #30

My name is Adi, living in Chicago & back to school at Rush University for Vascular Ultrasound. Always loved making music as a hobby, played sax, guitar, dj’d house/techno/d&b/hiphop, was a Reason user back when it first came out, then Logic until it no longer supported Windows, then Ableton. But I never fully understood synthesizers & sound design past presets and the occasional modulation of a cutoff knob or an adsr until VCV Rack came out and forced me to think in new and exciting ways about music. Now my daw collects dust, full on addicted to VCV and modular synthesis, and i’m ready to drop a small fortune on some eurorack gear one day. However, I still don’t think i’ve found my modular identity yet, so have just been doing random genres to learn different techniques over the past year from everyone in the facebook group who i’ve grown to admire along with all the developers who make this new love in my life possible. And geez, this forum looks amazing, thanks Andrew and contributors!

(Brett) #31

Hi All
I am Brett aka Axell on FB. Very new to VCV but loving it! I live in Wales where it always rains, so plenty of indoor time! I am a senior lecturer in Computer science/Media Production and Games Development when I stumbled upon VCV , researching software for my students to use for their up and coming modules. I have been a bass player in my youth but Modular synth music has always fascinated me but never had the opportunity to buy or use the equipment. This has now given me the opportunity :smile: I look forward to being creative and have been blown away by the help received and the fantastic compositions that I’ve heard from the community…

Thanks to all for your help and especially Andrew Belt for this wonderful software

(Dott Raffaman) #32

HI, i’m raffaman.
I support vcv rack from the beginning, when it was a very little but promising community and new born project. I live in Italy, Rome. My music style goes from reggae, dub and lounge music, but with a huge love and passion for electronic music, in particular for ambient, drone music. A think that modular environment is special for this kind of music, and VCV rack opened a new world of possibilities: I learnead a lot in the last year and community, video tutorials, patch e the energy of this wonderful group is amazing. GO VCV RACK GO
Happy Patching

PS: in andy is interested i have also experience as community moderator: i’d like to be useful and help this community to grow.

(David O'Rourke) #33

Hi, I’m David, a software developer from the UK. I make almost no music using VCVRack because every time I sit down to do so, I think; “I really want a module to do…” And then I go and write one. I publish modules under the Submarine label.


It’s nice to see a community developing beyond the Facebook groups!

My name is Wes, I’m a designer who has collaborated with @Vortico on the VCV plugins, branding, website, etc since the first release of Rack. It’s been amazing to watch this platform grow exponentially and become such a useful tool for so many people. For a designer, seeing people use what you create is one of the most rewarding experiences.

I have been making Eurorack modules and alternate panels as Grayscale since 2013 and more recently I’ve created a new brand called 1979 which is focused on the Buchla format.

Prior to my life being taken over by modular synthesizers I worked as a UI/UX designer, studied architecture, did a lot of photography, and curated some art exhibitions. The irony of working on musical instruments (both physical and virtual) is that you don’t have a lot of time left for recording music but my Soundcloud has quite a few recordings from years past.

(funkブラスタ) #35

Greetings. I am Santiago Peraza, born and living in Uruguay (South America).

I am one of the people who have the classic “I never had the money to buy anything Modular so I found out about VCV Rack” type of backstory, and with good reason.

Being a user since 0.6.0, I can’t be as happy as I am with this piece of software, capable of things real Modular can’t even get close without costing as much as a Ferrari bathed in gold.

I don’t have much to say except I like to save HP and going for the least amount of modules (I have around 7 patches of just using 3 modules plus Core Audio)

(tom) #36

Hi everyone! I’m Tom from Vancouver (by way of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, DC and Toronto). I’ve been using VCV Rack for over a year, but I’ve really only gotten deep into it in the last couple of months, in large part due to this amazing and supportive community. Hardware synths, especially modular, are generally out of the question in my typical small Vancouver apartment, so Rack is a fantastic alternative. I was raised on a steady diet of metal and hardcore, but like many old punks, I’ve gravitated to house and techno over the years, and I find the ideas come much more quickly with Rack than with a traditional DAW/VST setup. It’s made me excited about making music in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. I don’t know if I’ll contribute much to the discussion, but I look forward to your posts, videos and patches, and especially to seeing where all this goes!

(Cy Ball) #37

Hi RackHeadz! I am Cy Ball. I live in Denver, Colorado, USA. I never played with modular synthesis before discovering and using VCV Rack. Now, I’m totally addicted. If you are interested, you can look at my blog at There you can find links to my soundcloud, my YouTube channel and my bandcamp channel.
I worked as a software developer since 1969. I am retired now and took up electronic music as a retirement hobby (love it!)

(Banjo1) #38

My name is Jeff, I’m living in Seattle and The brief exposure I had in the early 80’s working with an ARP 2600 and a gigantic (at least in my memory) EMU Modular system. has haunted me ever since… I have dabbled in eurorack and have the humble beginnings on one 3U box… but mostly I lust after people with large rack systems that are perpetually out of my financial reach… So when I encountered VCVrack… I was (and still am) like a 3 yr old in a ginormous 100 story candy store. for a “3 year old” I’m a dufius… metaphorically speaking… I feel like I’m STILL fiddling with the Candy jar locks! I dabble with 3 different DAWs, (Ableton live suite is probably the most used) Reason and Cubase. I also play the fiddle and banjo (old time) …seems like the opposite end of the universe. Sometimes I’m frustrated because I struggle to find the right tool in Dr. T’s 5000 fingered tool box! Still, VCV Rack so far has yielded some very sublime moments… I’m forever thankful for that! and I will always be dabbling in it.

(socialentro-pi) #39

Hi i am a random guy and i support free access to knowledge.Very happy for what Andrew and devs doing with vcvrack.

(Adrian GIddings) #40


I’m Adrian Giddings on the Facebook (curse it’s real name policy, so dull). VJ for temp0rary and This Is Radio Silence and open souce enthusiast (Blender / Gimp / Inkscape / Krita).

Making my first first temtative steps to my own music with Rack and as of today building my first midi controller with OpenDeck.