Member Introductions 😃

(V Luciano) #41

Hello VCV-Rack-Community,

i’m an electronic music enthusiast. Casually encountered VCV Rack, before i used intensively the famous Reason.
As electrical engineer, I’ve been looking for a simulated rack for years to simulate electronic Cards.
Andrew fulfilled my wish.
Now there are no limits anymore.
This forum is a useful supplement.

I wish you all a peaceful new year

(Alectron22) #42

Thanks for making a non-facebook option for us non-facebookers!
I’m here to learn more about the traditional modular concepts & techniques - so a little thanks to Andrew for VCV & the community at large for engaging in it as much as everyone does!

(Paul Piko) #43

Hi all from Australia! Looking forward to using the new forum

(Mark Scheuern) #44

Greetings, and big thanks to Andrew for this forum and, of course, VCV Rack.

I live in Michigan and only recently began experimenting with VCV Rack, having finally gotten a computer (Mac mini) that runs it nicely. I have a hardware Eurorack system that’s grown over the last four years or so and of course I love that and now can have fun with VCV Rack, too. I’ve found the lack of limitations to be a bit of a challenge and I still tend to make fairly small racks, but it’s interesting to do things I can’t do with my hardware, e.g. multiple Rings, etc.

I consider myself to be very much a modular novice, still, and I think VCV Rack is a great learning tool.

(Alessandro Petrone ) #45

Hello there,
I am Alessandro Petrone, I’m a 22yo Sound Designer from Italy and I’m learning my way through programming via MaxMsp, VCV and lately Juce framework.
I’ve been a abusing Rack since I discovered it for learning synthesis and basic developer tecniques.
I love collage and experimental sample-based music as much as pop.
Super happy a non-Facebook platform is available!

(Antonio Tuzzi) #46

Hello Rackets

I’m synthi (yep, it’s my real handle)
I don’t do modules since last Monday
I like them a lot, but with your help, I’m sure I can stop
Sorry, I have an idea… .need to put down 25 knobs in a matrix !

(Norbert Denninger) #47

Hello everyone in Rackland,

if this greeting is familiar for you, then you know my News of the Rack. My youtube channel is called Waves unlimited and that’s also the name I use for my videos “what does this knob do?” in english and my mother language german (still working on episode 14 about Envelope Generators/Follwer). I live in Coburg in Germany and my real name is Norbert Denninger. I make music under the alias the1andonlydrno and have a diploma in Social Work, but due to health reasons I cannot longer work in this branch and for the same reason I am actually unemployed. I bought my first Synth almost 40 years ago and sold everything about 6 years ago. I started anew about 3 years ago with an Arturia masterkeyboard, Analog Lab and some free VSTs and then I discovered VCV-Rack 0.4 and I was absolutely amazed and today I cannot imagine a life without. I use VCV-Rack for nearly everything in my music. It’s hard for me to describe my style. My most important Influences are Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kitaro, John Carpenter, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Klaus Schulze, Klaus Doldinger, Visage, Gary Numan and I really like African percussion. I always wanted to use modular systems, because I startet with Korg MS10/20 and liked the patching. But it was to much money for me and then came VCV-Rack and it is mostly free! Thanks to Andrew and all the module developers for making a dream come true!

(Adam) #48

Hi my name is Adam and I’m a drummer by trade and an aspiring ambient composer. I’m from Philadelphia, PA in the USA. I probably will mostly lurk ‘n’ learn but I might ask some questions every now and then. I don’t talk much in real life either, much to my wife’s chagrin. VCV Rack is an incredible gift and I am determined to get something decent out of it before I die of old age or go deaf. Thank you, Andrew! Thank you, Devs! Thank you, Teachers! Onward and sideways…

(Ryan Dean) #49

Hello, my name is Ryan Dean… currently living in Charleston, South Carolina.

Some of you may know me from various functions such as NAMM/Moogfest/Ultra, etc…

Been into synths and sequencers since I was a little kid listening to Juan Atkins and wondering how it was all made.

I’m mainly into algorithmic/generative stuff with an emphasis on non-linearities, bitwise logic and cellular automata, physics and visuals. I beta test and consult with various audio companies and always try to influence the hardware and software makers to open up new horizons for composers and producers.

Kind of drifting towards orchestral and filmic stuff these days in my personal music and I enjoy getting all of these programs like Reaktor, Reason, Bitwig and Softube talking to and controlling one another in an interconnected fashion in order to study emergent phenomena.

I try to be helpful where possible and if I can speed up someone’s search for a certain technique or algorithm Im known to chip in a discovery or link. I enjoy being a kind of librarian for all things synth… I may come across as terse or cold, probably due to mild aspergers.

Happy Patching!


Hey folks! I’m another Facebook transplant that’s super happy we got this forum.

I live in the US and produce some weird fusion of Industrial, Hip-Hop, Noise, and Ambient music.

VCV Rack took over my life sometime last year, and has since found its way into every single song I’ve written or track I’ve produced. Nothing public yet, but maybe soon? I’ve been working on so many different things that I haven’t actually finished any of them yet. :grin:

See you all around.

(Scook) #51

Hello from Texas. Long time lurker of the Facebook group (no FB ID). Glad to be here.

Steve Cook

(Bobbylapute33) #52

Hey everybody !

Benjamin 24 from France. You can listen my project Sab’Aba on soundcloud/bandcamp, mostly psytrance but I always try to test new things. Vcv is so great for that !

Thanks for that great community !!

(vcv+es8 <3)

(Ananda ) #53

Greetings from Pondicherry, India. Originally from USA I was born in Tacoma, Washington then raised in Huntington Beach, California. Heavily influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, early Genesis(pre-Trick of the Tail), Yes, Nektar and Return to Forever to name a few that immediately come to mind, I fell in love with the synthesized sound. There was Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Tony Banks, Chick Corea, Jan Hammer and that guy in any band that was churning out other worldly sounds in concert with raging guitars and thundering drums. But of course I was younger then. Other influences since then are Jean Micheal Jarre, Nine Inch Nails, Dreamhub and Ishq. My first foray into sound manipulation was with a Kurzweil K2000 chosen specifically because of it’s V.A.S.T. technology. A decade ago you would have found me sitting in front of a computer sandwich between four synths tweaking the sounds of a DSI Mopho or a Roland Gaia. I would get a bass line going on one synth, create a mid frequency pattern on another and a high frequency pattern on a third and then would noodle around on the fourth synth. Good times. More recently, after shifting to India, I purchased Reason 9.5 and that was my introduction to “CV”. That lead to a deeper look at modular synths, but it was a quick look as I counted the cost of putting together a hardware system. Enter VCV Rack… January 29th, 2018 and, well… we have all seemed to have had similar experiences with VCV. Having my time co-opted recently by other creative projects, I still finish the evening loading up a patch and manipulating sound before going to bed. Many thanks to Andrew Belt and all the contributing members of the VCV community.

(Valley) #55

Awesome! Nice music taste there :smiley: . I’m also an avid prog listener, and lover of Gabriel era Genesis, especially the two albums “Selling England…” and “Lamb Lies Down…”. Also a big Nine Inch Nails fan too!

(David Rodriguez) #56

yo harry! how you doing mi pana, same history here is nice to see another venezolain in the comunity

(David Rodriguez) #57

hello everyone! My name is David Rodriguez , I m from Venezuela actually living in vietnam, I m a 3D animator who love the music, many kind of music, from Apex twin to bobby Marley, as well as Sepultura, I love the VCV comunity (some times I hate it …) and is so nice being part of this, many thanks to everyone .

(Matthew D Gantt) #58

Hi all!

I’m an NYC-based artist and educator working with experimental sound, virtual reality and weirdo performance.

I’ve found this community has actually been way more inspiring, empathetic, and creative then a lot of the hardware groups out there as well, so happy to be here! Very grateful for VCV, the developers and yall < 3

If of interest, some of the jams I’ve done previously are here , and some studio sketches with VCV and other things, etc up on IG here

excited to hear what everyone else has been up to as well!

(Existentia Virae) #59

Hey. I’m Existentia. I’ve wanted to experiment with modular as long as I can remember (or maybe longer, but I can’t remember that, obviously). Rack is exponentially better than what I thought it would be, and that’s not even counting the fascinating people that seem to gravitate toward it.

(Jean-Sébastien Monzani) #60

Hey! It’s great to see this community moving to a dedicated forum :slight_smile:
I’m Jean-Sébastien Monzani,freelance graphic designer, photographer and artist. I’ve got a PhD in Computer Science / Computer Graphics and I’m passionate about art, be it visual arts, music and contemporary dance and theatre.

VCV Rack has become over the last year my favourite music tool. I like its immediacy and I often play it live and record some of my sessions. You can find more on my website, including the 100% VCV Rack album SHIMAKAGE

(Artem Leonov) #61

Hello guys!
I’m Artem Leonov and I love VCV Rack and electronic music) I live in small Russian town and have work in the autoparts shop.)
I have a Youtube channel about VCV Rack -
also a connected Patreon page (which allows me to buy paid modules and review it) -
Another passion of mine is work as mixing\mastering engineer (have no page yet but hope it will be asap…)
My electronic music project are Ralax and Infravert (sorry, can’t include the links because this forum doesn’t allows to put more than 2 links in the post)
Also had some experience in metal music in the past but I lost all interest in it…