Member Introductions 😃


hi, i’m ablaut, also known as Ben in the real world…

i’m a dutchman teaching english and science at a bilingual primary school in china. i make ambient and abstract experimental music in my spare time. i also organize the very cool patch contest on the official users group on facebook, and recently organized the winter solstice drone project.

(Nik Jewell) #63

Hi. I’m Nik. I have a PhD in Buddhist Philosophy (though I am not a Buddhist!), and am an ex Philosophy lecturer, ex IT manager, and am currently a carer for my partner & part time web designer. I live on the North Cornwall coast in the UK, after living in Yorkshire most of my life. You’ll find me around t’interwebs as ‘lnikj’.

I’m a rank amateur audio dabbler (since 2004) who could never finish a track in my DAW and VCV Rack has, for the first time, enabled (and inspired) me to finish and publish stuff. I would say that I am more interested in sound, and experimenting with it, than music per se.


Hello everyone! I’m Ray (imaginative username, I know) from Aberdeen in Scotland. VCV came along just at the right time for me. I was starting to look into modular and started searching for modular software around Oct 2017 when I stumbled onto it. It is no exaggeration to say that VCV has been the main factor in completely transforming my approach to creating music. I’ve spent the last year learning modular with this amazing software. Without it - for me - there would have been no other way.

Massive thanks to Andrew, all the module developers and everyone else involved in bringing VCV to life. Thanks also to the people who take take time to show the rest of us how it works, be it via video or manual. You have created something which will benefit many people in the years to come and enable countless hours of creativity and joy. Best wishes for 2019, 1.0 and beyond!


Good Morrow Fair Gentles, Let me introduce myself! I have been called by many name along my live…

Ok I stop here, I’m Pyer, Living in Brussels. Work as an industrial and graphic designer, playing bass and guitar, messing with keyboard and drums. listening and making mainly prog and classic rock, I don’t like electronic music that much … so I have no idea what I’m doing here but one thing is for certain: I Love it! I’m getting quite obessive with the things I like and I haven’t found anything more obsessive friendly than modular synthesis, and VCV Rack.

Along with Marc Boulé we have created the Geodesics collection. I am also working on other graphic design work for vcv rack.


Hello Rack Community - Greetings from southern germany ! As a software developer and electronic music tinkerer I’m fascinated/mindblown by VCV Rack. Thanks to Andrew and all contributors!

(Joopvanderlinden) #67

My name is Joop, that’s Dutch for Joseph, so please try to pronounce it correctly: the double oo would sound like oa in the English word soap. I am a trombone player, guitarist and composer from Holland. Working hard on my first vcv-centered album, that will hopefully see the light somewhere in the future. But apart from that I love doing useless stuff, and my favorite times on the facebook are when a conversation excalates into funny nonsense. Hope to find that here, too :slight_smile:

(Rastkolazic) #68

Hello , my name is Rastko and I use a lot hardware electronic instruments but I love the idea of VCV (thank you Andrew) and I recommend it to all my students (I teach analogue synthesis). I am now temporary in Kuala Lumpur and I wish you all a great 2019 from here .

(Alan Holding) #69

Hi, I’m Alan, aka gentlemanhog here and there. I left Facebook so was away from the community for a while. Glad to see there is now a proper forum. :slight_smile: Hope all is well with you wherever you are.

(Leonardo Laguna Ruiz) #70

I’m Leonardo, the main developer of Vult.

I got into electronic music thanks to bands that combined rock with electronic sounds, like Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Rammstein, etc. I used to play guitar with local bands but nowadays I haven’t touch my guitar in a while.

I started making electronic projects (with my dad) since I was kid. Forwarding many years, I’m still doing electronics, but mostly theoretical. I did a PhD in Electronics where I focused on mathematical modeling and simulation. My main job is as developer of the model compiler behind Wolfram SystemModeler but I run Vult in my free time.

Thanks to VCV Rack I have been able of putting on the hands of very creative people the models I develop. Otherwise they would have stayed silent within my other computer files.

(Shreeswifty) #71

my name is Patrick i am an Assistant Professor of Entertainment Technology and Media Production. I have an MFA in Digital Media [Programming & Performance] I started using linux for audio design in 1996, with the kind help of Dave Phillips and never looked back. I currently use ubuntu for my linux desktop. I play sitar and had the opportunity to perform with Ravi Shankar on his last world tour. Raga informs my work in electronic media, sound-scaping and duration. i program Pure Data, Max, Isadora & VDMX and love working with VCV.


(Wookiee 4077) #72

Hi I am The Wookiee, thanks for this Andrew and the others behind VCV, I am currently in Geostationary Orbit above the Greenwich Meridian. In a previous life I was a design engineer in the electronics industry, a computer programmer, assembler, FORTRAN, Pascal blah blah blah, IT systems and Network Manger. Now I am just a Wookiee, making music that make my furry ears smile.

Thank you for the invite I will try to add what I can and distract as little as possible.

(Marco Maril) #73

I’m Marco from Vigo, Spain. Musician, sound designer and field recordist interested in modular synthesis… so, a potential victim of VCV bites :smile:
I started to use the program since it appeared for the first time and I’m really shocked about its evolution.
Nice to share this with all of you!

(kindohm) #74

Hi everyone, I’m Mike from Minnesota, USA. I’m a programmer/producer/composer and use computer code to compose and perform live music. I’ve mainly used samples and VST’s/DAW for live synthesis but I am exploring VCV as a new option. I really like that it is free (as in freedom, not beer) software and it can run on any OS (unlike my favorite DAW).

I have tried to get into Eurorack hardware three times, but it never stuck. VCV rack has been much more of a joy!



hi, im timothy, recovering eurocrack addict. i like drums and computers

(Nik Jewell) #76

Fascinating. Do you have any of your work online ?

(Michael Schmalle) #77

Hey, I’m Mike from NH USA and am an Android dev with some music apps up. I have been using VCV Rack to learn DSP and thank all those who have released open source DSP code, thank you. :slight_smile:

I have a Matrix Brute on the way so I can finally get into more experiments without having the whole Eurorack/Wire noodle addiction.


(Jedrzejewskimk) #78

Hi Rackerz
I’m Mateusz Jedrzejewski a.k.a. Ghalebor.
I’m live and work in Poland.I have been involved in music for several years. I say immediately I’m not a professional musician. Creating music is my passion, especially creating electronic music.

Somehow at the end of last year, I first met VCV Rack and fell in love with this program. Until these times I used various programs in the Reason detail from Propellerheads. This was my favorite program until I met the VCV Rack.

As I mentioned, I create electronic music and I’m constantly developing in this direction. I’ve been publishing my videos on my YouTube channel since April. I am glad that I can belong to such a great community of music creators at VCV Rack.

I greet you from Poland

(Joe Thompson) #79

Hi Everyone, I’m Joe, and love vcvrack!!! :sunglasses:

(Michael Schmalle) #80

Mike that seems about the exact same left/right brain thing I have going on. :slight_smile:

(Mike) #81


I am Mike Maxwell and I am an university instructor, soon to be professor, of audio and video production. I Thoroughly enjoy utilizing VCV Rack for my own creative practice, but I am especially enthusiastic about bringing audio synthesis into the classroom with VCV Rack.

I try and make some VCV Rack based videos on the Maxwell Modular YouTube, but I often do not have the time to dedicate to it as I need to commit the majority of my time to undergraduate students and their productions.

Always happy to explore techniques and possibilities of modular synthesis, drop a pm if you’re ever in search of resources!