Member Introductions 😃

(Johan) #82


I’m a fairly tattooed Swede that’s been making noise and such since 2006. Been using eurorack for a couple of years.

My only release of this year was actually made with only VCV Rack. Next year I’m hoping to release an album with a mix of digital and physical modulars, noise boxes and instruments.

(Adrian Likins) #83

Hi. I’m Adrian. I am the author of the ‘Alikins’ plugin.

I like things that make weird noises.

I am a software developer for Red Hat mostly working on various systems management and devops-ish tools.

A long time ago, I used to do dev work on the GIMP image editor (amongst other things, adding the semi-infamous green pepper brush and the pixmap/animated brush support it was a demo of). I’m a fan of open source creativity tools.

Favorite music is a mixed bag, but the music I create tends to mostly be of the noise/experimental/improv variety. I don’t play live much anymore, but when I do it is usually created with instruments I have invented or built (see my instruments playlist for some examples).

(Andrew Belt) #84

Oh no, that’s an infinite source of jokes between me and my friends.


I’m really happy an official forum has been set up - discord is fantastic!

I record as vapor lanes and run the TREECAT tinyletter. I’m running a mix of hardware and software, and finding out how easily VCV integrated with my Eurorack hardware was a revelation. Looking forward to many more years of exploring everything VCV has to offer, and maybe developing my own modules sooner or later.

(Andrew Belt) #86

Small nitpick: Discord is a chat service. Discourse is what runs this forum.


oops! I always get those two names confused :slight_smile:

(Mihajlo Sinka Music) #88

Hi! I am Mihajlo from Croatia. Long time electronic music follower and semi-professional dj and producer.
Just wanted to say that VCVRack in combination with Live has been a life changer for me.
Let’s say I am a neurotic sound designer in my productions. I used to own alot of hardware synthesizers but now I am using only software.
I got tired on subtractive synthesis so i got into wavetables and even made ton of my patches and tracks using FM synthesis (which i still do in VCVRack 99% of my time spent programming).
VCVRack made me feel like a kid with Fruty Loops 3.5 again :slight_smile:
So fresh and so many things to learn and enjoy, probably endless fun.

I would like to especially meat people that love minimalistic music with minimal equipment. Techno, electro, ambient and everything in beetween.
Also I would like to listen others people music and let them listen mine. So, any guidance in that direction is appreciated.

Thank you, Andrew (and your team), for giving us such a beatiful software. You changed many lifes.

(Timacann) #89

Tim Foiler here from Darwin in Australia. I posted the VCV Rack -meets - blues guitar mash up a few weeks ago.
I love vcv but it spurred me on into actual real modular too. My next purchase will be an expert sleepers Es 8 so the 2 can talk to each other.

(Michael Schmalle) #90

Never caught that in the past (pepper in GIMP and why), reading that from 5 years ago is pretty funny $%^&.

(SG Mikaelsson) #91

Eyup. I’m SG, also known as Liquidmind in my Electronic music guise. Been using Rack very near the start of first public release, and it quickly became one of my primary instruments. Did not even know the basics of modular synths when I started, and learnt so much in the bit more than a year since. Still learning, still loving watching others progress and use Rack. and hope I’ll be following along with it for years to come. Much love. <3

(Lars Bjerregaard) #92

Hi fellow rackheads

I’m Lars Bjerregaard and the regulars might know me from the Facebook group, where I’ve been hanging out and posting since December 2017. Can’t believe it’s been a year now, what a ride!

I’m a Danish guy, living in Copenhagen, Denmark. My dayjob is computer programmer, eh, excuse me - Systems Developer :slight_smile: I might eventually write that plugin in the back of my mind, but for now I’ve decided that it’s more important for me, to satisfy my musical creativity urges.

Where music making is concerned, I’m definately a virgin compared to many of you guys. I’ve had nearly no formal musical training, and I was never on the DAW or VST train. Don’t know how to read notes, and couldn’t find a D# key on a keyboard if my life depended on it. I did play a little flute as a kid, and later did own a guitar, a bass and a few other things. Bought a Roland keyboard a few years ago, which has mostly been sitting in a corner. When I found Rack it kinda opened the creative floodgates for me, and it just seems to fit my brain and sensibilities. So in that sense I’m a happy noob, just trying to learn, have fun and make some music I like.

Music has always been a huge part of my life though, and I used to be an avid concert goer. Ever since early teenage, I’ve enjoyed a rich diet of classic Rock, heavy metal, prog rock, classic electronic music and a whole host of other stuff. I just like good music across the board, and am attracted to anything with a ‘bit of a nerve’, something that moves the needle a little bit, and is not just boring mainstream.

I love hanging out with you guys, and spend way too much time on it :slight_smile: Love the great community, hearing all your wonderful music, and getting inspired to make my own. Just love it! So, thanks for Rack, all the wonderful plugins, and for your companionship!

(Lars Bjerregaard) #93

:open_mouth: That calls for a little explanation methinks… Sounds very interesting if it’s anyway remotely like what it suggests!

(Marc Boulé) #94

Marc Boué here, I’m a physics lecturer and electrical engineer from Montreal Canada, and I develop Impromptu Modular for VCV Rack, as well as the Geodesics collection in collaboration with Pyer.

(Stephen) #95

Hello! I’m Stephen Seifert. I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve been a full-time mountain dulcimer player for about 25 years. I teach and perform online and around the world. While acoustic and instrumental “folk” is very important to me, I NEED the contrast of electronic music. VCV RACK has been PERFECT for learning, creating, and relaxing. I can’t thank you enough. Well done!

(Mots) #96


Based in Brussels, previously Berlin and Helsinki and France. Software Dev during the day time.

At night, I am working on Holon and, which integrates with VCV Rack and allows to send real world sensor data into VCV Rack.

Previously i worked on Launchpad95, various ports of Mutable Instruments modules. My grids port has actually been ported to VCV by the community, very cool to see this happening !

Musically i wander around ambient, neo classical, dark ambient, techno, electronica.

Thank you Andrew for setting up this forum ! very neat !


(Daniele Zerbini) #97

Hi, I am Daniele, from Milan, northern Italy. Dizzy, for short.

I make my day as a web developer & backend integrator, and it goes with it that I learned to love coding although I lack of academic CS education. Instead, my education took quite a skew informal path (I dwell more on all this in my profile).

Shortly, I was trained in architecture and CAD programming, I began studying classic piano, guitar and music theory from age 10, I got a 2-years audio engineering diploma at SAE and a 3-year classic composition path at an academic musical institution in Milan.

I got few unpretentious sound design and music for media commitments, but I am quite new to the modular world, that I discovered while trying and go deeper in the sound design process.

At the end of the day, I come to terms with the fact that music is not my professional full-time job, but it’s to me the purest and everlasting of my passions.

I listen to all music genres, but I particularly like jazz and progressive rock, trip-hop and abstract electronica.
Then, I love classical, avant-garde and contemporary conmposers, mostly Ligeti, Grisey, Donatoni, Lachenmann, and Penderecki.

Apart from music, I love sailing, and watching movies.

I like to see have one common point with Andrew. I am used to practice at my piano late in the evening. While patching Rack just before and just after, of course.

(Ruipacheco) #98

Hi my name is Rui Da Silva, I’m originally from Lisbon, Portugal but reside in london for past 20 years. been making music since early 90’s. love the vcvrack and have started doing some live streams on my youtube channel as I continue to explore this fantastic software.


I use the name dag2099 on and youtube. I’m not keen on revealing too much about myself because of my social phobia. I have interests in music and programming and combine them in my streams using VCVrack.
My most recent endeavor has been Psychedelic December, a month of “trippy” Twitch streams that i’m also backing up to Youtube. Please follow me on Twitch and subscribe on Youtube. Thanks.

(Nico Bunk) #100

Hello there!

My name is Nico. I live in The Netherlands in Rotterdam.
I have been interested in electronic music for almost all my 55-year life (starting with Kraftwerk, some 40 years ago), but I never had the patience to learn to play an instument myself.
VCV Rack is a nice way for me to experiment with sound!

I hope to learn a lot from all of you, and also hope I can be of any help for you!

By the way, For the first time in my life I will visit a live concert of Kraftwerk on the first of june 2019 together with my wife and two grown-up kids!


(Daniele Zerbini) #101

Oh Dale, this made me remember when I was 12, secluded in my little bedroom, listening to “From Genesis to revelation” played from an old 33 rpm gramophone. In the same period, I also listened at vinyls and tapes from Ekseption 5 (“Siciliano” excerpt from Bach!), ELP, David Bowie’s “Pin Ups” album (“See Emily play” and “Sorrow” cover!), together with the “Cavalleria rusticana” from Pietro Mascagni and the full box set of the 9 Symphonies from Beethoven… Luckily, now we have Rack, and the story goes on!