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(zero) #123

And some of us are on the Greenwich meridian…

(RidArt) #124

Good morning, Happy New Year to all from Paul in Cornwall UK. Thank you VCV community for rekindling my interest in sound design and of course a major Thankyou to Andrew Belt for sowing the seed. Happy to be almost free of FB.

(Clement Battung) #125

hello an happy new year !

I’m clement, from strasbourg (France) .

making some noise (not compositions) from years with software (granular especially)

have begun from end 2017 with arturia buchla easel and VCV

like many styles artists, from caterina barbieri to kassel jaeger through mika vianio (the only god which ever existed)


(Earthvomit) #126

Hi I am Finnur From Iceland. I have worked as a technician in hospitals and on mountains and stuff. Also done some forestry and truck driving and all the hard labor in the nice climate of Iceland that comes with that. I used to play in bands before I was 20 but making music with synth,samplers and cubase back in '88(actually started with steinberg’s pro-24) Tried other software thru the years but that always lacked some option. I was actually using a 2009 version till last september when I discovered VCV, and cubase has been on twice since then. I was aiming to use them together but the workflow in vcv is so great I see fewer and fewer reasons to go back to DAW. After dualbooting with win/linux for years, I can finally run Linux 24/7 thanks to vcv. I have been livestreaming on VCV on twitch from the start and have hours of recordings on my hdd’s. I cut up my livestreams using openshot and shuffle them for afk streaming, eventually, hopefully releasing an album(DAW work prolly).

(jphWacheski) #127

jph (jef) wacheski here,. living in North America, I code/design stuff,. mostly games & graphic/video arts, do sound design & noise sculptures,. I have performed and released music under various names. VCV Rack is a huge synthesis playground & I lov it!

(Wkujater) #128

Greetings. I started getting into modular a couple years ago. I have a small system currently, and have been growing it gradually. I love learning about different types of synthesis, the history of electronic music, and finding new ways to make sound. I work in IT during the day (and some evenings and weekends :slight_smile: ) - so I can code, but have not delved into DSP yet - but am interested in trying that out soon. I found VCV Rack i guess a year or so ago and love being able to explore new ideas for patches with less constraints than my current IRL system. Looking forward to getting involved.

(Omri Cohen) #129

Hey guys! I’m Omri Cohen, currently from a small town in Germany. A long time ago I’ve studied synthesis and electronic music production, but somehow never found my place in this world. I learned to play various instruments like the piano, drums, flute, and guitar, and I’ve also concentrated on improving my composition skills, but it was still not enough for me, playing “only” one instrument at a time. I actually thought about becoming a conductor so I can “play” the whole orchestra with my own 2 hands… I’ve always enjoyed creating sounds and playing with synths, and I was really happy to stumble upon VCV Rack about a year ago. I love the fact that it’s an instrument by itself, but also many instruments linked to one another, communicating with one another, listening and reacting to one another, and with a few midi controllers, I have all of this under my fingers, sort of conducting my own small orchestra. Anyway, I love VCV Rack, I love the way I’m composing music with it, I love exploring all the different modules, and I love the community built around it. I’ve met a lot of interesting and inspiring people on the Facebook page, and I’m hoping to do the same here. Cheers!

(Alberto Zamora) #130

Hi! I’m Alberto. I’m a biologist from Mexico with a deep passion for music and science. Modular synths are quite my obsession but I’m kinda broke so just with my laptop and Rack I have been able to explore the modular world, hoping someday I can afford the modular system of my dreams hahaha. All my knowledge of music is self-taught, so I’m not the best musician. Lately I’ve been doing mostly electronic music, but also have done some more harsher stuff like Death Metal or Post-Rock. You can follow me on Soundcloud if you want! :smiley:

(Jhon Shepherd) #131

Greetings racketeers, My name is Jhon. I am currently living in Knoxville Tennessee and I’m only one of many people hosed by the insatiable lust to obtain synthesizers and small shiny objects that sometimes serve no purpose except to be a shiny object.
As far as my musical background and experience, In 2002 While working at a local radio station WLAF in my hometown I was introduced by one of the engineers to the world of audio recording. I was not long to realize that this is what I am going to do. Since those early days of ACID Pro I was part of several projects from 02-10 including Faktor, sKinpop, DL23, Speed Kontrol. Semmath is my current and full time focus and has been since 2012.
Modular synthesis resonates with me because I have never had any type of formal music theory and composition except there are no rules.

(Nikolai V. Chr.) #132

Hey, I am Nikolai from Denmark.:slight_smile:

(Jon Heal) #133

Thank you for Radio Music Thing.

(Erik JM Schneider) #134

My everyday name is Erik; my current nom de keyboard is josef k. I am literally in the middle of moving from San Francisco to Seattle here on the left coast of the US, but am taking the stress off by building an Arch Linux multimedia laptop workstation while I pack and sort and wash and move. Trying out VCV Rack on both that box and on my old iMac and am happy with the OS X performance. Still trying to work the pops and clicks out of Arch, but this is the risk of Linux, isn’t it?

Some biographical ephemera: I’m 57, non-binary trans person who used to look like a dyke but now looks like a diminutive bearded freak. Years ago I was the guitarist/vocalist in Infamous Menagerie, a not all-that-obscure 1990s Seattle group. These days arthritis and other pains of old age have made it necessary to use music tools that dont require the flexibility of younger fingers; fortunately I have taken up droney experimental electronica and so find myself in a fairly perfect digital playground for that.

I was using iOS as my main creative environment but Apple is so set against allowing their version of mobile computing to realize its full power that I’m just done. It’s a pity, because the music apps being made for iOS are incredible, beautiful, flexible, deep–and hampered by a toy OS and a company that prefers making disposable computer$ to creating an artistically vibrant, stable ecosystem.

Rant number two: as a queer non-male, I’m disheartened that the one thread asking that we make this group welcoming to other-than-cis-men has already been locked. I’ll just say this for now: it is only possible to imagine that music and politics are separate if one is part of the dominant group, for whom politics can be made invisible by fiat. To the rest of us, politics are everywhere no matter how badly we would like them to stop making our lives more annoying; our experiences are thus ignored and derided as a distraction from the Real Topic despite those experiences barring us from putting our full attention and passion toward the Real Topic.

As long as the idea is predominant that music can remain neutral toward gender, sexuality, ability, class, or race, this will remain a pale sausage fest, even if it is the most poiite, welcoming pale sausage fest any of you guys have been a part of.

That’s all for now. You want stories of how women and other non-men are treated in music–whether in industry or enthusiast or hobby spaces, hit me up. I have plenty.

That all said? Most of the music I write now is politically engaged, but obliquely so. The only thing that makes sense to me now is a sort of sublime noise: trying to call attention to the vast complexity of life and the fact that if we don’t soon recognize that complexity, we may or may not survive to see what it does next.

So far, language has been mostly distracting, so few lyrics ATM.

josefk @ bandcamp

(Xyresic) #135

Hi all…I’m Rob from just north of Los Angeles, California. I play a couple instruments, one comfortably, one poorly. I’ve toyed with various music software over the years (Sidplay, Cakewalk, Fruityloops, Buzz, Ableton to name a few). I have zero experience with modular synthesis and VCV scratches an itch I didn’t know I had. I have a physics degree and work in cloud infrastructure as my day job. When I’m not chasing the kids around I’m glued to Rack. I’m enjoying toying with generative techniques at the moment. You can find me occasionally streaming on twitch as xyresic. Thank you for making this software, it’s pretty amazing.

(Dragos Margineanu) #137

Hi there, my name is Dragos and I am from Transylvania, Romania. Other than being a vampire (haha) during the night, during the day I am a musician and full-time light & sound designer in a local independent theatre. I know how to play several instruments, guitar being the first followed by keyboards whilst now I am also fiddling with a cello and an electric violin.
VCV is an amzaing tool for me, as I never was happy with how my usual compositions sounded. I did dabble with synthesizers and such, but I wasn’t happy with the fact that most of them are only about sound sculpting (with some allowing you amazing possibilities indeed). Rack, in the other hand, with its plethora of sequencers and ways of producing pitch information and rhytms has really opened a new world to me and brought me back to the world of composition which I was recently became estranged to. So, thank you for this :slight_smile:

(Denis Tercier) #138

Hi, I’m Denis. I’m a jazz trumpet player and composer from Switzerland. I become interested to electronic music by searching in composing process for almost one year. My taste vor vintage technology drove me naturally to modular systems. Arturia, with his emulation of the moog was my first step into this wonderful sonic world.
My learning is yet under vcv for 4 months, and I’m really loving it. I don’t use this for a professional purpose yet but I hope I will one day.
Here you can find some of my work on vcv:

I’m really be pleased to be part of the VCV community. Thank you @Omri_Cohen for your outstanding help.

(Omri Cohen) #139

Hey man! Good to have you here :slight_smile: And I’m really happy you find my work helpful! Thanks and cheers!


Hi folks,

I am hap from Germany, living in São Paulo - Brazil and enjoy synths. I used to like Emmerson, Lake and Palmer’s “Pictures of an Exhibition”, when it came out, but what really turned me on to electronic sounds, was when I first heard Zappa’s “Jazz From Hell” (produzed on the Synclavier). Since then it became a dream of mine to own a modular, which now came true through VCV.

So here goes my big “Thank You, Andrew” - and - let’s make some noise!

(Vonhaulshoven) #141

Hi all, Von Haulshoven is the name.
I want tp try out VCV Racks.
The music I do:


Hi everyone, I’m Stephane from Paris and I love vcv rack. Thank you Andrew, and Omri, and Leonardo and vcvrackideas and Valley : what a great community!
All the best for the brand new 2019.


Usine = absolutely phantastic piece of SW, unfortunately my GAS already has been satisfied to much.