Member Introductions 😃


Hello everyone,

My name is Markus, aka Facebooks “Maq Modify” (and also “Mark Markand” in my job-live; I am kind of a professional traveller, writing guidebooks, mainly in South-East-Asia).

As a father & family-man (and also blessed with too many hobbys) my time for music is a bit limited these days, but I won’t stop playing every now & then – and VCV-Rack widened my possibiites so much. I have some synths and other machines from the past; love to play them when I am at home (in Germany, Cologne area) and my main task in the moment is to intergate my older system with Eurorack-hardware & VCV-Rack.

When I am on the road and find the time – VCV-Rack rules!
Next step will be using field-recordings and find out how it feels to work with that in the actual environment.

Cheers & all the best for 2019!!

(Th3phro) #104

my name is Phil, one half of the Techno project PHROND (on Facebook as Ph Ro). Born and raised in Berlin/Germany, i try to live my dream of being a musican (or i´d rather say composer/producer) since 28 years. For the biggest part i was running a Drum and Bass crew with a few friends, but a couple of years ago, i decided to start all over again with techno. Also i made my passion to my profession and studied audio engineering in the early 00´s.
I sold all my music hardware in 2000, because i believed in the development of software and been on a journey for the “best” tools to work with since then. Modular synth were always a passion, which i couldn´t afford, so i´m playing with the software equivalentes since NI Generator and Creamware Pulsar.
When VCV was released, i felt home immediantly. For the first time in my career my “being on the search” stopped and my musical output is high as never before in numbers and quality.
Interesting, that Andrew Belt is mentioning Jazz, because it also is a big influence on us and my partner always says “techno is a modern form of jazz”, which makes VCV the modern jazzers instrument. :wink:

(Dominique Julian) #105

Hi, i’m Dominique from France. i’m a photographer, previously Ableton live certified from Elephorm, and now… i just want to play and enjoy music really simply and dreamy. i really like a lot VCV, for his completely open minded way to do music on laptop, anywhere i’m shooting. Later, i hope to more include VCV on ableton, when a more solid integration will be made (V1 or V2?). for the moment i learn modular skill and buy library…
Very very good work Andrew !
Peace & respect

(Auclerc C) #106

Hello, my name is Christophe Auclerc. I have been living in Kentucky, USA for over 30 years (originally born, raised and educated in France).
Music has always been a big part of my life. Influences are Pink Floyd, early (Peter Gabriel) Genesis then discovered Joy Division, The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy (goth period I guess :slight_smile: ) and finally electronic music (JM Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, SPK, Front 242 (ebm), then ambient composers like Steve Roach and Robert Rich). Thanks to VCV Rack (thank you Andrew, for this amazing software, and thanks to all the plugin developers!), I now have access to modular synthesis, at a very reasonable cost (:slight_smile:, allowing me to explore further both sound design and music.
I am looking forward to learn a lot from this great community!
Happy New Year to all!

(Ananda ) #107

“Geostationary Orbit”… What?? Has the Millennial Falcon developed problems with it’s hyperdrive again?

(Jim Frye) #108

Who Is On The Station Now

Anne McClain (
Commander Oleg Kononenko (
David Saint-Jacques (

(Joe Thompson) #109

I’m a total newb at this mod stuff but love making noises!!

(Lars Bjerregaard) #110

My money would be on Anne C. McClain, although I can’t quite make the bio fit. Anyway, would be pretty cool to have an astronaut aboard the ISS play with Rack between experiments :slight_smile: If it’s you Anne - send us a patch from space now and then. You know, something celestial and heavenly :wink:


Hello, I’m Yan, alias nay-seven from Rennes /France. I’ve create the VCV Rack French group on Facebook. I’m also a part of sensomusic, we develop Usine hollyhock, a modular tool for live performance (Audio/MIDI, DMX, Video,) Can wait to test Rack as a plug-in in Usine. for other works.

(Roche Matthieu) #112

Hi, I am Matthieu from France. VCV is an amazing way to make music, and I try and use the small amount of time I have to explore its possibilities and try the wonderful plug-ins the community has developped.

(Nik Jewell) #113

Station is not geostationary.

Closest geostationary satellites to Greenwich Meridian:

04022A INTELSAT 10-02 -1.0
09058B THOR 6 -0.8
08006A THOR 5 -0.7
15022A THOR 7 -0.6
15034A METEOSAT-11 (MSG-4) -0.3

Yes … nothing better to do :wink: :slight_smile:

(Antonio Tuzzi) #114

everyone is geo stationary at level 0 !

(Jon Heal) #115

Hello, I’m Jon. I live near Washington, DC in the US. I have extremely limited playing skills, so when I sit down in front of Rack, I noodle in the direction of experimental, ambient and/or noise stuff. Fortunately I also enjoy listening to that sort of thing. I own no hardware Eurorack equipment, but I did purchase a Behringer Neutron, a KORG Sample and a few guitar pedals. For Christmas, my son ordered me a Lost Volts LV-3 Theremin, which I am anxious to wave my hands in front of.

I am also looking forward to spending a little less time getting my mind poisoned on Facebook, now that this forum is available.

(Nik Jewell) #116

I know you don’t have time to move from your coding chair Antonio :wink:

(Jim Nankivell) #117

Heya all,
I’m Jim from Somerset and I’m studying for my a-levels, hoping to get into Uni to do music with physics, or a mechanical engineering apprenticeship. I use VCV Rack often, but nowhere near enough. Thank you very much for this free modular synth, in a world where hardware is often expensive

(Jim Frye) #118

good point. :slight_smile:

(Paradiddle16) #119

Hi I’m Pat from Montreal.

I’m a drummer and e-drummer with an interest in synths also. I’ve been dabbling with computers for a long time starting with my ts-1000, c-64 and the atari ST which is where I started getting into midi and my interest in electronic music grew from there. My interest in music in general is very vast, rhythms and harmony from all over the place and time. Composition is important but I put a lot of emphasis on improvisation which is what I do a lot. Other interest includes coding (did a lot of 68000 assembly back then and some c,c++), max/msp, pure data and visuals in general. Been using VCV since it came out and I’m really fond of it’s open-endness. I don’t really have an education per-se but I don’t think it matters. Only the passion does.

(John Wise) #120

Hi people from around the globe. I’m John Wise living in Phoenix, Arizona and am the founder of a VR development company with a title we released earlier this year. Technology and culture have been the driving forces behind my interests and while most of my free time is spent with writing or my monster of a Eurorack love affair (currently at 1,899 hp) I’ve been telling myself that in my “other” free time I’ll start giving more attention to VCVRack. Part of my background was early record cover designer in Frankfurt, Germany as Techno was becoming a thing, prior to that I was video hobbyist having filmed Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Psychic TV, Sugarcubes, Revolting Cocks, Skinny Puppy, Test Dept, Young Gods, and others back in the mid to late 80’s - also in Germany.

My interest in making music has started later in life just a little more than two years ago at age 53 as I needed something else that clawed at the comfort of an aging mind. TV free since 1985, author of a book, well seasoned traveler, and always curious.

My hope here on the forum is that all participants remain civil and that we try to nudge those who arrive angry into behaviors that allow this burgeoning community to flourish.

(Jim T) #121

Hey folks, Jim T here. I’ve been a software dev since 1998, and learning it since I was 9. Passionate about open source and free software, always tried to be musical but not really a musician. Have been intrigued by synthesizers recently, after finding Modular and korg gadgets on the ipad. Was looking for a synth that did things properly and suddenly … vcvrack appeared on the scene.

Things that work the way I think: nodejs, gentoo linux & vcvrack.



I’m a (rather old) hobbyist from France and I’ve been making music (inconsistently) for quite some time now.
Rather inexperienced with pure modular environments (except some modular vstis, if that counts), I’ve always been attracted to them (and music coding in some way).
VCV Rack (what an amazing piece of free software) is changeling but inspiring and, while I’ll probably never be an expert, hopefully I will be able to incorporate it in my tools, thanks to the help from proficient and creative people we can find online (and here now).