Linux: Pipewire

does any drop-in-replacement work (pulse/jack)? latency? crashes? is it production-ready?

I’m actually glad my system runs pretty stable now after much tweaking and tuning and I’m still learning the basics of VCV, which will take a few more years. Would be nice to hear from someone who tried this.

are you experienced?

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It’s not production ready yet apparently. I’ve heard it will be adopted in Fedora first but don’t know when that will be.

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If it can help: I collected some thoughts about my setup and Jack/Alsa here: Rack on Linux with relatively old hardware: a personal update - and in case you missed it, many Linux / Rack users wrote their experiences here: Current best live Linux distro for audio/studio enviroment: thoughts?


thanks, I’ll stick to my current setup then and concentrate on making strange noises for now :slight_smile:

Fedora 34 (released April 27, 2021) first adopter: Notable changes for desktop users :: Fedora Docs

a bold move. just upgraded to lubuntu 21 and I’m tempted to try this out, hope it doesn’t break too much :sweat_smile:

I’m running openSUSE Tumbleweed (rolling release) and recently switched to pipewire (version 0.3.30). VCV Rack runs smoothly as a JACK client. I just need to manually connect the outputs to a sound card in Catia.