LindberghResearch modules not updating

Updated everything but this set of modules. Should I contact the developer directly or what? Not sure if it is updated and VCV Rack is not reporting it as updated or the update repo on the developer side is busted. Please, advise.

It has been like this a while now since around November but I believe the plugin is up to date. Says 1.3.0 in the manifest anyway but the repo version is 1.1.0. Kept meaning to report this also but have not gotten around to it or forgot about it.

from GitHub:


This project is not maintained anymore. I really love open source, but since I started this project I spend a lot of time in researching DSP and a few new modules (The analog delay for example) containing code which took me hours of work to get it done. There will be also a commercial package for VCV Rack in the near future around beginning of 2020. If you are interested in the sources just write me an email - you may obtain a commercial license for a small fee to use it for your own stuff.


Hasn’t Patrick posted on the forum since then?

Yes, I think so.

He just updated his modules in December to 1.3. I think this message means that he is not maintaining his open source code on Github.

Not sure?!

Isn’t that readme from November '19? The last forum post here in his announvcments thread is from December.

Lindenberg Research switched to closed source on Oct 21, 2019. The version distributed on the VCV Library is up-to-date.


Anyone not on windows? I’m on Windows… Doesn’t see that the plugin version has been bumped.

i’m on windows and it’s version 1.3.

Does it want to keep updating?

no, it just works fine. I’m using 2 modules in my current patch.

No issues with the modules, it just the infinite update notification.

No problem here, on Windows, running Lindenberg 1.3

This is what i get everytime I update. Seems to be stuck in 1.2.0.

There’s no problem with the modules themselves, just want to make sure I’m able to use the latest open-source version.

Deleting the folder and downloading again does not download the latest. Manifest say’s v1.1.0 with the update notification saying v1.0.0


To avoid the “stuck in 1.2.0” problem, I’d like to simply remove this plugin from my library. But clicking the ‘- Free’ button on the library page doesn’t do anything.

I’m not sure where to post a defect report for this.

Delete the Linderbergh folder in your plugins folder usually: C:\Users\your__name\OneDrive\Documents\Rack\plugins-v1

See LindberghResearch modules not updating

Sorry for the late response, I do not read in the forum very often… Does it now work with deleting the folder and downloading the plugin again? Cheers, Patrick.