Lets See Your Custom Module Skins

I’m sure I’m not the only user who will tweak a module if there’s something about the appearance that I think I could improve when it comes to my own personal tastes. In my case, usually just doing basic color tweaks, but I know other people are doing way more involved customizations. I figured it would make for a fun thread to share our custom skins.

I think it goes without saying that these should just be for our own personal use and not meant to be shared (so don’t ask unless the developer is ok with it), nor is this thread meant to be a knock on any developers/designers and their skins. Just meant to showcase some customizations.

Here’s my take on the MSC Hack Mixers. I couldn’t figure out whether I preferred the colors on the Aux channels or not so I kept them for the smaller mixers but eliminated them from the larger ones.

Please show yours!

mod note: Please follow the plugin ethics guidelines of VCVRack!

You may not clone the brand name, model name, logo, panel design, or layout of components (knobs, ports, switches, etc) of an existing hardware or software product without permission from its owner, regardless of whether these are covered under trademark/copyright law.


try to do some reskin of my modules, maybe I can adopt it…


@synthi, I’m personally not qualified for anything more than a recolor job, but @longhaul12 was recently suggesting he may be interested in doing some panel design. He’d be far more qualified than me (with him being a professional designer and all). Maybe you two can connect.

His thread was here:

How can one get this skin.

I wouldn’t want to share any resources I didn’t create and just modified without the ok of the developer. So for now, you’d just need to be handy with an svg editor and modify the resources on your own.

It may be easier than you think:

Very funny to see it, because I made quite a similar redrawings of mscHacks Mixers several months ago (BTW, I already posted it in another thread earlier).


And specially for Antonio Tuzzi:


a halloween theme :smile:

did you try it in the nyechoecho ? are they working ?
if yes I can include in the distribution


They roll as expected and make me smile every time I open your nice modules :wink:
Here is my little collection - check it yourself:


adopted… (not the jira jira disk…)
next release will contains it


Glad you liked it. I could add something else if you want too :wink:

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great thread!

as some of you already may know i did a reskin of Bogaudio, with permission of Matt it is available on github:

I forgot to mention that i also created a dark version JW modules for those that missed my post in another thread.

I have permission from Jeremy to share it, so here it is:


Oh this is fun. Not sure how to change the Mverb ins and right side of 8Attack though.



Is this something that ought to be handled in VCV itself? There’s obviously a demand for it and, while plenty of module designers like to supply alternate color schemes and faceplates (like Lindenberg’s “used look”), many more don’t have the time or interest. Why not set it up so the module supplies the hue of components and the relative values of brightness and let the user decide whether they want the whole thing bright or dark?



I made some faceplates for the vult modules (to emulate pedal effects)

Available here

@Eurikon, your I like your Dark theme , is perfect

I Seen you have Dark theme for the ML modules , it is possible you share it?


you can always open up the svg in a text editor, search for # and replace the hex codes you want to change.

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Hi David! glad you like it, thanks!

I don’t have dark version of ML modules, maybe you saw the dark version of VCV Router 4:1.
As for sharing the svg’s, we can only share svg files that are allowed to be shared by their original creators.

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i been using these versions in my patches for a while: