Exploring Panel design

Hi all :wave: Been looking at trying a few vector knobs for a bit of practice and fun - here’s a version of one of the fundamentals (already awesome, but just used this panel for an easy/fun look see). Came out not too bad for a first try imho (im a UI designer by trade, but havent done much vector illustration work for a while) Very basic still here, and will keep on making new things and finessing…


Very spiffy!

Watch out for the copyright police, though. :wink:

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Definitely not going to use it or publish it or anything - this was strictly just for a bit of practice!! I’m very happy with the current VCV base ui as it is

Looks good indeed. There’s some great modules out there that could use some work in the UI department (Prism comes immediately to mind). You may want to reach out and see if anyone is interested in having you do some module skinning for them (assuming you even want to).


thanks a lot! Yep that was my plan actually… getting skilled up a bit on how the module designs work and then offering my services to skin some up (if anyone would be interested). I’ve been a ui designer forever (it seems) so fairly easy for me to do this stuff - and the fact that im using VCV daily makes it that much more interesting as a side project!

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if the prism dev or anyone else is interested in having me look at anything let me know

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The screws not at 90Âş triggers me a bit but his looks very professional.

My only advice would be to tone down a bit the gradients. They look good but a flat UI is better for usability in rack.


Triggered by the angle myself, all the same screw, I like to use different screw rotations.

@lomasmodules @Coirt

You guys are easily triggered. There are a boatload of modules out there right now that should be triggering you out of your minds! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


I did some module interfaces for one developer. They turned out so-so. I cold-called another developer, offering my services. Was politely turned way.

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now this would be a proper dark version of fundamental modules… if only :heart_eyes:

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damn screws :joy: getting in the way! yeah i hear ya on the gradients too - they are only 2 color but Ive redone them even simpler now, with the same feel. Probably wont upload any more bits until i have something more unique again id be happy to look at anyone who needs some panel ui design help!

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