Module ideas

ah the transformer! I wasn’t checking the first link cause I thought you talk about licensing this thread under some specific license (called gpt-2). I was quite confused :smiley:

had some fun with that site before by feeding in an incomplete story, cherry picking the output by hand and feeding it back again and so on. It’s the first text generator I’ve tried that could be used as a truly meaningful writer companion, very neat!

That’s really clever. :slight_smile: I agree that soundcloud would be a good destination for the audio as well.

for free acounts , soundcloud is limited by time, I think other clouds could be better, freesound for instance

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Are aftermarket panels (like IRL) a thing in VCV rack?

Sort of, but you’re limited by implementation details, and generally have to replace the graphics in a way that’s hard to revert without re-installing the plugin. Most in that thread are just recolors. Also, not every module author is cool with it (personally I explicitly allow it, but I don’t think anyone bothered to take up that offer yet).

Amazing thread. This one blew me away…

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File this one where you’d usually file my posts in here - in the “haha only serious” joke category

Voltage Controlled Rapper

So, GPT-2 is incredibly powerful, and GPT-3 incredibly more so, and it will definitely reach our filthy hands eventually, whether OpenAI likes it or not. I think you can already coerce GPT-2 to produce rhyme and meter if you want. You can also refine the model on an existing text corpus.

Meanwhile, rap fakes are a thing. They don’t merely imitate the voice - they imitate the flow. (note: some mildly offensive content on that link)

This tech is still very very GPU hungry. So hungry it’s not realtime yet. But it’s progressing really fast!

Anyway, duct tape the two technologies together. Add a faceplate and a few jacks to it. Select your rapper and have them freestyle on the beat about the topic of your choice for 6 hours straight.


Great! What about training an ai on patches from patch storage to generate .vcv files? It would need some hard coded patch fixer that would replace nonexistent module names and ports etc, but might be fun with gpt or even char-rnn


On Cable Drag Scope

In Reason’s Complex-1, when you drag a patchcable from an input, its built-in oscilloscope automatically shows you what the output in question is up to. After that it goes back to showing you its main mono mix.

In this picture I’m dragging out the white noise output, the oscilloscope is on the lower-right:

It’s fantastic for beginners. A module implementing similar behavior in VCV would be great.

I’m not sure about the technical feasibility of this one, at least without abusing parts of the API we’re not really supposed to. Especially since many modules disable internal processing when they detect the outputs are not plugged in.


Rack v2 will eventually have a CV scope on mouseover. Not v2.0 though.



  • When added to Rack, the user enters a monetary value in the currency of their choosing
  • Every available module is assigned a cost based on the developer’s arbitrary algorithm
  • User cannot add a module if they don’t have enough money for it
  • Removing a module recovers some percentage of the “new” price

this would be a great way to make fixed-rack-type challenges!

the price equation could be something like

hp + ports + params + number of tags


I’ve removed several posts that are too low quality for this thread. Please read the original post before commenting.

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  • Stereo audio output
  • Polyphonic gate input
  • Polyphonic velocity input
  • Polyphonic V/oct input
  • Monophonic sustain pedal gate input & toggle switch
  • Monophonic soft pedal gate input & toggle switch (stretch goal)
  • Monophonic sostenuto pedal gate input & toggle switch (stretch goal)
  • Visual piano keyboard layout that allows sounding a note via click, and displays currently pressed notes

The availability of other parameters depends on if this hypothetical module is based on sampled recordings of a piano, or if it is synthesized.


VCV Host + Pianoteq does this well already.

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But it costs 300$.

There are quite a few free piano libraries around, the most famous / loved one seems to be Keyzone classic :slight_smile:

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Spitfire’s Labs Soft Piano is free and lovely.

“Copy an existing product but make it cheaper” isn’t a unique idea, it’s just a business decision to undercut a price. This isn’t a bad thing, just not really the point of this thread.

Podolski VCO - not an original idea, just something I only recently discovered from the free Podolski synth by u-he and think it’s neat.

The VCO can be blended from triangle to saw to pointy needles and can then be mixed with a phase delayed and/or inverted version of itself, which creates many useful shapes.

and while I’m here: @contemporaryinsanity is the poly version of Vector Victor still coming? I would still love to have a poly note data looper.