Interesting and inspirational reading matter

Hi. Is opening a thread to share links to interesting and inspirational reading matter OK? If so, I’ll start with these three…

Electronic Music Resources at UbuWeb is “…devoted to technical resources concerning the practice of electronic and experimental sound.” Books, periodicals, articles, interviews & media and patents. Some lovely things there, such as How to Make A Tape Delay for 2 Sony Walkman Pro Cassette Recorders (PDF).

Richard D. James speaks to Tatsuya Takahashi. Very interesting back and forth between Aphex Twin and an ex Korg engineer. Microtuning, 432 Hz vs. 440 Hz and much more.

Synapse: The Electronic Music Magazine was a bi-monthly American magazine about synthesizers and electronic music published March 1976 to June 1979.

Apologies if any are already known or have been shared before.


Thanks for reminding me about Synapse. I used to read it back in the day when we all read things printed on paper. This afternoon will be given over to nostalgia.

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Synth Secrets, the excellent series by Gordon Reid in Sound On Sound."Synth%20Secrets"?page=1&solrsort=ds_created%20asc&f[0]=im_field_subject%3A8106

There should be a pdf version floating around somewhere in our corner of cyberspace, too.


For the DIY fans:

Make Analogue Synthesizers, Ray Wilson,

Handmade Electronic Music, Nicolas Collins

Circuit-Bending: Build Your Own Alien Instruments, Reed Ghazala

I couldn’t find PDFs for these, but they’re all available off Amazon. There is also a really good Once Upon A Synth video talking about general electronics/DIY books, as well as sDIY ones too:


THE book:

Electronic Music Systems, Techniques, And Controls By Allen Strange


The book 2 :slight_smile:


This is nice, too:

the book of bad ideas. Basically a library of all sorts of patching ideas that can be found on Muff Wiggler. You can download it as a pdf.


Wow. That book looks AMAZING! Thanks. :slight_smile:


There’s a few links in the Beginners Guide as well:

Yeah. The book itself however isn’t actually there on that link.

Oops! Sorry. I don’t have a replacement link at the moment though.

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you can buy a used paperback here:

not a bad price for version 1 (for a collector)
I’ve seen it for sale at $300 in the past

yah! i’ve had a PDF of this floating around forever. Do you have any fav sections/patches from it?

also, great idea for a thread @chrtlnghmstr - thx for starting!

Here’s one of my favorite articles re: Buchla, and some of the ways they were conceptualizing it that are sometimes lost in translation:

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Looks pretty interesting… as does

A whole bunch of good books and manuals here:


Wow, that looks really nice, thank you @techbot!


did anyone buy this book yet? does it cover much ground on different concepts relating to basics?

The Richard D. James / Tatsuya Takahashi conversation was very interesting - thanks for sharing. That link at the end is pretty wild: - “bare handed” speech synthesis