Has anyone interacted with Klirrfaktor (Hagen) recently?

I’ve been a fan of Klirrfaktor even before VCV Rack existed, and he began selling Rack plugins 1-2 years ago at http://klirrfactory.com/ under a commercial plugin license from VCV. The license fees are standard among all vendors making sales outside the VCV Library and are very reasonable, but I haven’t received a sales report or payment from him for the last two quarters. After three warning emails, I have terminated his contract to sell Rack plugins, so any future sales are unauthorized.

Has anyone interacted with him (customer queries, purchases, etc) this year? Has he gone rouge on me, or has he simply disappeared from the VCV community (medical/family issues, etc)?

He hasn’t updated anything in a while. And, haven’t seen any new videos from him, either.

Purchased stuff around June-July last year and asked through Facebook about the possibility of getting updates through the library which went unanswered, very inconvenient to hunt down updates otherwise, haven’t bothered using his plugins or updating them since then - but more so out of not doing much patching. Have not seen him post here in a good while and haven’t been very active on Facebook, to notice there.

i purchased the plateau vst around november last year. it was buggy and one day it just stopped working all together. emailed the customer support and never heard a response. total bummer wouldnt recommend.

Okay thanks. Good to hear he’s not just ignoring me, but not good that he’s disappeared for everyone. I hope he’s well.

I just noticed he posted a video last month though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTWj3tiqHiU

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I hope so too. Possibly speculative but did not seem his usual enthusiastic self in the intro.

I sent a youtu.be message a couple weeks ago with no response. Those funky neon modules are some of my favorites.

I’m glad I found this post. Just purchased Plateau AU today, and noticed that clicking the preset tab in Logic window crashed everything. And when it was loaded on a channel strip it would kill audio entirely. Spent a couple hours dealing with that, as well as the usual LPX plugin crash validation circus, only to now find this forum. Very bummed that I’ve essentially waisted $25 into broken software.

The reason I gravitated to the plugin so much is that using VCV Bridge in the past always gave me a lot of clicks and pops, since having both Rack and Logic at the same time was hard on my computer. I know this question is kind of a complicated one, does anyone have any tips or guidelines for making bridge run smoother? I suppose if I have a very small patch, perhaps with plateau alone, and combined with different Rack settings maybe I can just do things through Bridge and have it all be okay?

Hi @zariah7b5 I will mainly present you with a list of redirections, just because this is not the correct thread for a more deeply discussion on your question. You can always find more help using the entry “VCV Bridge” in the search box of this forum.

Following are the main topics you could look at:

Anyway, those discussions are quite dated, in fact the Bridge project was deprecated as of Rack 1.0 release, look here: https://vcvrack.com/manual/FAQ#what-was-vcv-bridge

But read also the preceding FAQ for what’s coming: https://vcvrack.com/manual/FAQ#is-vcv-rack-available-as-a-vst-au-aax-plugin-for-daws (although it will be a commercial product, and as far as I know, an AU version has still to be confirmed and should it ever be, it supposedly be released only some time afterwards).

So, it looks like this is sort of time of “interregnum” for your needs :slight_smile:

I just wanted to give you some clues, so you can decide whether to invest time in make the Logic+Bridge brigade work together, rather than prepare yourself to wait for a better solution that anyway has yet to come.


Thanks! And wow, didn’t even know they were planning to have a plugin version of Rack itself. VCV Rack is such a cool project. Thanks for the links, I’ll go jump down those rabbit holes instead :slight_smile:


he has resurfaced, as he posted a new video on youtube a few days ago. try contacting him again.

I wrote a comment under the video when he posted it. And he erased the comment, so maybe he just doesn’t want to talk idk

I received an email from Hagen a few days explaining his situation. He is alive.