VCV 1.0 Use with DAWS - Still use Bridge?

Downloaded 1.0 last night… (Really excited by what I see! ) But I confess I’m feeling a bit humbled by a seemingly silly question that I am not sure about: Does VCV still require Bridge? I don’t know where I got it, but I had the impression that this release was going to do away do away with Bridge and VCV would be invoked some other way. But I don’t see any mention of this? I use Live 10.2 by the way.

This is not the VST version of Rack. That will be the next one.

There is no v1 version of Bridge as yet. YMMV with trying to use the 0.6.2 version with v1.

Ah! Thanks, That explains why I was having difficulties last night! I had MIDI coming into my track with bridge on it… but VCV itself wasn’t getting MIDI!
Now I know why! When I changed the source from Bridge MIDI to Windows MIDI … VCV crashed! Makes sense. Any idea how long it will be until we see v1 version of Bridge?

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Sorry, no.

So, I read that >
“Bridge.vst and are not available in Rack 1.0. Bridge is deprecated and will be replaced with the Rack VST when version 2 of Rack is released. You can try using the 0.6.2 version of Bridge. If you encounter problems there are possible workarounds:”

So, Rack v1 is standalone only? With no method of integration into songs?

Is there any way to integrate it into music? Are we back to virtual pipes and loopbacks?

I feel a little like with all this effort and the amazingness of V1 I will never use it if I can’t record, render, or sync to integrate it into my music. I guess it’s at least a nice insight into what V2 will be, but a very bittersweet release.
I can’t complain as it’s free, but I’ll certainly be sticking with 0.62 as long as that stays working

In 1.0 I’m using the same Bridge set up for audio with LoopBe1 for sending midi out of Rack into Reaper, using Rack as my sequencer, and it works great. Better than it did the other way around.


you have no midi drift? I have a ot using the same method … even with 24 clock sync…

If i send midi out to a synth at the same time as I’m sending out to Reaper then there’s a slight drift but other than that there’s been nothing noticeable, I don’t mind a little bit of drift anyway.