VCV Bridge with Logic Pro X

Hello everyone, first post here on the forum.

I installed an External Instrument plugin in Logic X 10.4.4 / Sierra 10.12.6 and chose the IAC Driver port BUS 1. Using MIDI-1 module in Rack, I chose the same IAC Driver port BUS 1. Set up a simple VCO-VCF-VCA, patched the CV and Gate from MIDI-1 and took the output of VCA into an AUDIO module with Bridge selected and Port 1. Then I installed the Bridge plugin on the same track in Logic X.

The sample rate required a restart on Rack to change to the host rate 48k. Playing from any MIDI keyboard on the Logic X track is real bad. I can only play a few notes before it stops. Then a few notes will go through from time but without a MIDI note-off / CV gate off signal.

Anyone having the same problem?

I have not encountered exactly this problem, but I can recommend you to try SoundFlower for routing audio signals instead of bridge plugin.

This was just posted on the FB group and will hopefully help:

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Thanks Nik. I saw that and in fact it was the inspiration to try this. I did the procedure exactly as Edgar shows.

I’ve reinstalled Rack and the Bridge plugin and wired everything up again but I still get intermittent MIDI to CV between Logic X and Rack.

MIDI direct in Rack with any controller works fine but not through Logic X.

I’m afraid I am not a Logic user myself.

You could try posting in the Bridge thread on FB which is where Andrew usually deals with Bridge issues (if that policy hasn’t changed since the forum was created):