Great TouchOSC Update from Hexler

Hexler recently released a major update to their TouchOSC app - TouchOSC Mk2! The editor/controller now runs on all devices and platforms so creating and editing templates is much easier. They also added Lua scripting with an event-driven model to allow for customization of behaviors. The cost is small, less than $30 USD for the PC and iPad apps, and installation and setup are easy with instructions on the Hexler web site (

As a sample, I uploaded a small template, along with an example patch, to Patchstorage. The patch uses only free modules. The TouchOSC template uses only MIDI CC messages as that’s the easiest to work with for now.

The patch is here: VCV-1 TouchOSC | Patchstorage


Really nice template. Thanks for making it.

Hello together, I already made the OSC and VCV templates for the Mindmeld Mixer/EQMaster some time ago for the old TouchOSC version and now I updated them a little bit for the new version. Especially the 16 channel version is, because of the many controls, not so easy to use. Both versions have some additional functions. If someone is interested here are the files. (The two OSC files I have provided with the appendix “.txt” because of the file limitation when uploading).

Template MixMaster Full Ipad.vcv (138.8 KB) Template MixMaster Junior Ipad.vcv (136.9 KB) MindMeld Full MK2.tosc.txt (68.9 KB) MindMeld Junior MK2.tosc.txt (57.5 KB)

A bit of self-promotion, I have an OSC mapping module that provides feedback with names etc, that should make a lot of this templating stuff easier: OSC'elot an OSC mapping module

I use this with a hardware controller, but I do use the free OSC software, and have included a simple/scalable template for it in the presets folder.