Great TouchOSC Update from Hexler

Hexler recently released a major update to their TouchOSC app - TouchOSC Mk2! The editor/controller now runs on all devices and platforms so creating and editing templates is much easier. They also added Lua scripting with an event-driven model to allow for customization of behaviors. The cost is small, less than $30 USD for the PC and iPad apps, and installation and setup are easy with instructions on the Hexler web site (

As a sample, I uploaded a small template, along with an example patch, to Patchstorage. The patch uses only free modules. The TouchOSC template uses only MIDI CC messages as that’s the easiest to work with for now.

The patch is here: VCV-1 TouchOSC | Patchstorage


Really nice template. Thanks for making it.

Hello together, I already made the OSC and VCV templates for the Mindmeld Mixer/EQMaster some time ago for the old TouchOSC version and now I updated them a little bit for the new version. Especially the 16 channel version is, because of the many controls, not so easy to use. Both versions have some additional functions. If someone is interested here are the files. (The two OSC files I have provided with the appendix “.txt” because of the file limitation when uploading).

Template MixMaster Full Ipad.vcv (138.8 KB) Template MixMaster Junior Ipad.vcv (136.9 KB) MindMeld Full MK2.tosc.txt (68.9 KB) MindMeld Junior MK2.tosc.txt (57.5 KB)

A bit of self-promotion, I have an OSC mapping module that provides feedback with names etc, that should make a lot of this templating stuff easier: OSC'elot an OSC mapping module

I use this with a hardware controller, but I do use the free OSC software, and have included a simple/scalable template for it in the presets folder.

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Well this is interesting! I purchased TouchOSC some time ago to try and use with my older Surface Pro 3 and Ableton. I never did get it to work like I wanted, but now I’ve upgraded to the Surface Pro 7 AND just discovered VCV Rack.
Thanks for posting!

Edit: Where might I post this question - I have an older Surface Pro 3 lying around and would like to use it as a control surface as a second screen to my Surface 7 so I can have the VCV Rack on one and the control surface on another. Do-able?

OSC has network support

OSC - Open Sound Control — CX Network

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Absolutely doable.

I have both, but prefer OpenStageControl because it’s open source (and free).

Openstage control goes on your Surface 7 - it talks to VCV through OSC and a set of virtual midi cables. The virtual cables - you need two, one for VCV input and one for VCV output - are set up in loopmidi - you can call them what you want. You install loopmidi on the Surface 7 - get it from here: loopMIDI | Tobias Erichsen.

Use the the dots menu in Open Stage Control to list your midi devices - note ithe Inputs are listed seperately from the outputs. Give the virtual midi interface a name, followed by “:”, followed by the number of the VCV virtual midi port - it’s listed in inputs in Open Stage Control. Last a number for the output to VCV (the VCV input virtual cable). Listed under outputs. Mine were 7 and 7 - midi port is adressed as “py” in the scene files from TheModularMind, so i put in “py:7,7” for midi.

other scetches use OSC over udp, the VCVrack module “OSCelot” default is port 8881 for input and 8880 for output.

You set these ports in Openstage Control. “” is the network address of the listening udp port of VCVrack/OSC’elot - the “send” in Open Stage Control. “8880” is the port Open Stage Control listens to. (it can do more, see the docs)

These ports must be open in you firewalls on both machines. I would just turn off the windows firewall for my local network.

All you need on the Surface 3 is a browser. I haven’t tried them all - a recent one should work.

Open “http://ipadress:port” in this browser, matching the ip address of your Surface Pro 7 and the port you used in Open Stage Control (If you don’t run any other webservers, you can use 80, then you don’t have to enter a port number in the browser).

Load the scene.

There’s a few OpenStageControl sessions in the wild. One comes with “Osc’elot” - it’s perfect for controlling a smaller mixer like Mindmeld Mixmaster JR

Another is for Controlling Iverson - a 16x8 grid step sequencer.

You can find more about them in this thread:


Excellent! Thanks for your post and the time you spent on it.