Does VCV Rack have any good sample players? Freeware?

(Stephan R. Petrinec) #1

Not sure if I should ask this here, or in the Plugin category, but what I am looking for/intending to do is add one or two guitar samples I have into Rack, and possibly run them through effects, and/or some sort of random sequencing. Basically they are heavy metal sounding chord strikes, currently in .wav format, but I can edit them and change formats easily.

I know I “could” use Host and any number of samplers, but A- I am out of cash until after the holidays and taxes, and can’t afford Host currently (also want to make a single decent purchase with a couple other modules I want); and B- I was an idiot and installed pretty much every free module available, and now there are a ton to sift through, not knowing the name or manufacturer of a particular module.

So in a nutshell- if anyone can help me, I’d like to know if there are any decent sampler/one-shot player modules, preferably freeware, and where in my “huge” inventory I might find them. Also, if anyone has a preference for a specific one, could you tell me what it is, and more importantly, why?

Anyone can reply, but I am hoping any of you who are playing around with metal genres, experimental, anything that sounds like maybe Rammstein or something…the dark heavy stuff, even cinematic…will have some good ideas and suggestions!

Thank you! And forgive me if this is in the wrong place, I figured this was leaning more towards creating a patch rather than asking a specific question about a specific plugin.


I use CF “player” on the rare occasions that i play a sample. I believe some of the Nysthi sample players are also well regarded but they’re a little complex for me to learn just to play one sample every 2 weeks.

(Joopvanderlinden) #3

Bidoo has a great sample player (ouaive), Autodafe has a drum sample player, and Aepelzen too. Of course there’s the nysthi stuff too. Some will remember the sample you load in, some won’t (when re-opening a patch)

(Alessandro Bonino) #4

Nysthi has good samplers. Not only sample players, but sample manglers. Very cool.

(Daniele Zerbini) #5

If you’d like to experiment also with live sampling/looping while performing guitar chords or phrases, another option are a couple of modules (Campione and Luppolo) from Sonus Modular collection. Of course, this is a different option then sequencing preloaded samples. Or it could be complimentary, as well.


under the sampler tag! in the right-click menu, under the authors, the plugins are grouped by tag.

(Patman / NYSTHI Manual) #7

Just… Don’t ask for the manual. We’re working on them… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::rofl:

(Jim T) #8

I like cf player except for the way the playback speed changes if you change the engine sample rate

(Jan Horky ) #9

Hi, have you some example patch performance with luppolo? I didn’t found any tutorial. Thank you.

(Christoph) #10

The Radio Music module (modular80 module pack) is a sample player. In its latest version it supports one-shot playback.

(Antonio Tuzzi) #11

you can use quadsimpler: support for single shot or looped mode
any length any sampling rate, mono or stereo
wav 16 or 24 bits or floating point (ieee)

(Brad Smith) #12

TUZZ!!! Happy New Year!

(Daniele Zerbini) #13

Here the patches for the VCP-8 contest, featuring Luppolo3 (3-tracks “big brother” version of Luppolo):[0]=vcp-8&orderby=date&fbclid=IwAR3dif2ORbH7alkt0igq_oJkw5Sn1M_T0GsmJMsPVZO7TkOfd8I1YhoI5u4
I could try to assemble one simpler thing with Luppolo when I’ll be again at my daw, the next week, if you wish :slight_smile:


I really like Campione as a sampler.

(Nikolai V. Chr.) #15

I use the Bidoo player, works well for me.

(Matthew D Gantt) #16

yr a hero!

(Matthew D Gantt) #17

As an aside - I’m living for the day we see a morphogene/phonegene style granular sampler in VCV! < 3


If anyone would like some starter help with taking on that project, there’s a Morphagene emulation for Organelle, written in PureData, that is GPL-licensed.


Have you logged a bug for that? It’s very easy to fix that.

(Matthew D Gantt) #20

oh dang that’s incredible! I’m more of a Max/MSP person than PD, but gonna pull this down just to take a look.

Unfortunately VCV dev is a bit outside my wheelhouse, skill wise, but would happily cheer-lead and or be interested in a paid module down the line if that came to pass