Does VCV Rack have any good sample players? Freeware?

(Jim T) #21

I should do, I’ll check its still a problem tomorrow sometime

(Matthew D Gantt) #22

mega belated followup to see if anything’s popped up on the phono/morpho sampler player front?

infinite good vibes to anyone that might manifest this and/or has any suggestions of VCV samplers to check out < 3 < 3

(Artem Leonov) #23

Of course NYSTHI and Bidoo both have good samplers and players but I’ve always got a click sound…even ANTI-CLICK option in NYSTHI’ sampler doesn’t help me. I want something that Ableton has - microfades function, to get full-time sampling job in VCV Rack)

(Roman Novikov) #24

I don’t have any clicks by myself, but some envelope with attack + VCA is the possible workaround here i suppose. So basically it will be microfade emulation, yea? :slight_smile:

(Latif) #25

Normally that is the way to go about it, but it won’t remove a click. So sometimes you’ll hear it sometimes not.
Only internal slice micro fade curves would eliminate the clicks.
Eitherway Confusing Simpler is currently the most advanced versatile sample module for VCV Rack.
I for one wish to see an upgrade version slightly bigger that is all about graining.

(Joopvanderlinden) #26

Just make the request at the Nysthi github issues page. If you formulate your suggestions properly, big chance Antonio will (at least) consider those.

(Latif) #27

Antonio is already aware of it, and working on one for a very long time (real-time grain manipulation).