Blamsoft is back .. just great !

i have the same issue on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for several XFX modules:

[0.037 warn src/plugin.cpp:228 loadPlugin] Could not load plugin /home/i/.Rack2/plugins/Blamsoft-XFXF35: Failed to load library /home/ii/.Rack2/plugins/Blamsoft-XFXF35/ /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version GLIBC_2.32' not found (required by /home/i/.Rack2/plugins/Blamsoft-XFXF35/ [0.086 warn src/plugin.cpp:228 loadPlugin] Could not load plugin /home/i/.Rack2/plugins/Blamsoft-XFXReverb: Failed to load library /home/i/.Rack2/plugins/Blamsoft-XFXReverb/ /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version GLIBC_2.32’ not found (required by /home/i/.Rack2/plugins/Blamsoft-XFXReverb/ [0.094 warn src/plugin.cpp:228 loadPlugin] Could not load plugin /home/i/.Rack2/plugins/Blamsoft-XFXWave: Failed to load library /home/i/.Rack2/plugins/Blamsoft-XFXWave/ /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version GLIBC_2.32' not found (required by /home/i/.Rack2/plugins/Blamsoft-XFXWave/ [0.110 warn src/plugin.cpp:228 loadPlugin] Could not load plugin /home/i/.Rack2/plugins/Blamsoft-XFXDistortionPack: Failed to load library /home/i/.Rack2/plugins/Blamsoft-XFXDistortionPack/ /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version GLIBC_2.32’ not found (required by /home/i/.Rack2/plugins/Blamsoft-XFXDistortionPack/

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Same for me, only blamsoft crashes the Rack VST when reopening the project. Removing them will load the patch in VST fine.

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remember when the VST came out, and there were a whole bunch of plugins that crashed in it?

It might point to font references getting stored across frames. That causes the crash in the VST.

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yes, I think we know that, right?

Does Blamsoft have a way of reporting bugs? I’ve heard about this one so many times…

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There seems to be several plugins in the library these days for which support contact is unclear. The two that I am thinking of are Blamsoft and Starling. I have tried tagging Blamsoft in this topic and asking who is supporting but I have received no unambiguous response. For Starling, it appears that all updates are coming via PRs by Steve Russel. I can see this because Starling is open source MIT licensed. But, Blamsoft is closed source free software, so I cannot look at GitHub.

Can someone say who is supporting Blamsoft? Has it been “adopted” by VCV?

Maybe ?

No, VCV isn’t the current developer of Blamsoft. Andrew Best, one of the original Blamsoft crew has supplied the builds and is supporting them. Like I said previously, we were involved in that users contacted support and we contacted the dev on their behalf, which we do from time to time.

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Thanks, but how do we contact Andrew Best?

The problem I was having using XFX modules in the VCV plugin appears to have been fixed in the latest release (2.0.1) . Thanks!

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Sorry I missed that one Ken.

Issues should be resolved with the latest update, but all modules should have a contact if you right-click the module and select Info > Author email. They should also be listed on the library website.

Unfortunately all XFX modules still just ”rebound” on Linux after installation: they don’t extract successfully, and appear again into the list of available updates like they weren’t installed at all.

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Have you got a support ticket open? If not, could you please email

Thanks, I was going to do that, but nah there’s no actual need; I confirmed it’s the glibc issue mentioned above, and it can only be helped by building the modules again using a different version of that. Each XFX plugin logs “GLIBC_2.32 not found (required by [insert XFX plugin binary here])” after extraction.

In other words, the XFX modules are built using such a recent glibc version that it - probably unintentionally - narrows their compatibility a great deal. One rule of thumb (of many) when doing a closed source build for distribution is, if there isn’t actual need to go with a newer version of glibc, it’s probably a good idea to check which one is used in the most recent official Debian release (currently glibc 2.31) and at least stay within that.

VCV Rack 2 system requirements say “Linux (such as Ubuntu 16.04+)”, and that would actually mean glibc 2.23. The one used in these modules isn’t even in the latest LTS release of Ubuntu, 20.04 LTS, which uses 2.31.



Sorry, but this problem persists with the latest. Under Windows in standalone, XFX upon Rack launch and patch load outputs an extremely high, apparent NaN, value approximately half of the time. This redlines Mixmaster and pops my speakers. This happens around 1/4-1/2 of the time.

Somehow, the problem is very likely to occur if I save the patch and exit Rack and renter. If the autosave is loaded, the problem is much less likely to occur.

Yes, we’re now aware of this. Developer has been contacted, there were separate issues, one was fixed in the most recent release, the other one wasn’t.

Edit to add: we haven’t been notified of a loud noise on launch. Please email

Done. Thanks. BTW, the problem occurs 100% of the time upon patch load/reload but not so often with Rack reload via the patch autosave file.

Thanks for the reply! Will definitely check this out asap. On a short break, but had to check the forum haha.

Yep definitely remember that, exactly why I was happy to pin it down to just these Blamsoft plugins and let everyone know. Seems to be fixed in 2.01 and very happy they are back. Did miss those Blamsoft plugins in VCV Rack 2.

Damn still a bummer I can’t get these to install on my steam Deck via arch Linux. Was able to get them to work on my MacBook at least. Anyone have a solution to get these to extract and install properly on Linux yet?