XFX Wave (Blamsoft) refusing to update

  1. XFX Wave is enabled in Library.
  2. “Querying for updates” … “Update all” … click it.
  3. Download finished successfully… “Plugins have been updated, click OK to close Rack” etc.
  4. Reopen Rack. XFX Wave is not available in the right click panel. And… the Library menu once again prompts to update XFX Wave.


	"brand": "Blamsoft",
	"slug": "Blamsoft-XFXWave",
	"name": "XFX Wave",
	"version": "2.0.1",
	"license": "proprietary",
	"author": "Blamsoft",
	"authorEmail": "info@blamsoft.com",
	"authorUrl": "https://blamsoft.com",
	"pluginUrl": "https://blamsoft.com/vcv-rack/xfx-wave",
	"manualUrl": "https://blamsoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/XFXWaveUserManual.pdf",
	"sourceUrl": "",
	"donateUrl": "",
	"modules": [
			"slug": "Blamsoft-XFXWave",
			"name": "XFX Wave",
			"description": "Wavetable Oscillator",
			"tags": ["Oscillator", "Polyphonic"]

Latest published version number is 2.0.1. Apparently I have this, but I don’t have it. I’m confused.

(PS If VCV Library - Blamsoft XFX Wave says “License: Freeware,” why does the json say “proprietary”?)


tomayto, tomahto

When it was released it used to be premium

I’ve tested, and I don’t have this issue (VCV Rack Pro 2.1.2 Pro, Windows 10 Pro x64 21H2). Installed version is 2.0.1.

As usual - like ton of people on forums - you don’t specify your platform! :slight_smile:

Windows, Mac, Linux, Gameboy Advance? :rofl:

How we can help you without these infos?

Freeware can be proprietary. In general, proprietary is meaning the source code is closed (not published).

Also, freeware isn’t a “category” of license.

I just noticed the XFX set has been updated in the library yesterday, and figured I’d try it on my Linux system again; a nice surprise, it has now been built using a glibc version that is in accordance with the VCV system requirements, yay! This means it will now install and run on anything based on current stable Debian, too, instead of requiring a too recent glibc.

Just tried it, and this is indeed the case, the modules show up in the browser and load fine :slight_smile: … Note that I haven’t tested the functionality yet, just that they do install and load fine now, and stay installed, hehe. But this is very nice and promising!