Blamsoft is back .. just great !

This morning I’ve seen a big surprise !

The Blamsoft modules are back … this is great.

Thank You @Blamsoft very much for the effort. I used Your modules very often during VCV 1.




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Oh yes! :heart_eyes: I’ll have my XFX+Sangster back!


Yay! I was just looking for them last night and was disappointed to have to live in a VCV world without them. Super nice that they just popped up out of the blue :slight_smile:

Yes, yes, yes … at last …thanks to modular Gods :smiley:

I keep seeing a red dot in my Library menu to update “XFX Wave 2.0.0”. It will appear to download 100%, and I restart VCV Rack, but the red dot appears again and I still don’t see it in my Library.

Just to complicate things, as near as I can tell I’m not even subscribed to the Blamsoft plugin nor the XFX Wave module.

[edit] Oops. It appears that my login to the VCV Library site had expired, so it did not indicate that it had been added. I logged in and now it offers to “- Remove” XFX Wave. Still no change in the VCV Rack app though, the red dot continues to appear.


@Blamsoft Thanks very much. The wave oscillator was severely missed, and I am happy that the modules are back now.


Wow so glad to have these back again.

same here as @john_rose reports: red dot marks update availabilty and listing the 4 blamsoft modules. module files are showing up in the plugin folder, but after restarting vcv and normal module file unpacking the red dot keeps showing up and no blamsoft module is visible in the module browser. removing files from plugin folder and/or from my vcv library didn’t help. running vcv 2.1.2 on a 16" macbook pro 2019 32GB / 8BG gpu, mac os 10.15.7 catalina


Fantastic news, cheers @Blamsoft! I used the filter on every patch in the early days of VCV. It’s really creative, having a few modes which are still unique like the ring mod and phaser option, and the wavetable osc is great too. Thanks!

it seems like a VCV issue, it happened to me randomly with other plugins

I was literally just saying to someone how much I missed XFX Wave last night and when I wake up today it’s back!

Very happy to see these updated for V2 :slight_smile:


Thanks for bringing the plugin to v2!!

Also having the same update issue that others above have stated. I’ve contacted VCV and Blamsoft, I’m sure they’ll sort it.

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Posting here to say THANKS!

Awesome! The distortion modules are also not to be neglected… great to have the XFX Grunge in particular back in the rack :love_you_gesture:


I’m a bit confused as I do not see Blamsoft update in the VCV GitHub issues and build queue progress screens. What am I missing here?

Great to have them, but where did they come from?

AFAIK these are NOT open source, but they are free. So there is no GitHub page with the code. A bit like VULT, suddenly there is an update…

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Ah, thanks.

You could star this repo and/or bookmark this link to see what’s forthcoming in the library as well as what’s been added.

e.g. Add Blamsoft manifests. · VCVRack/library@d81b781 · GitHub