A new rabbit hole (AI art & music)

I think ChatGPT is fed up with me. :nerd_face:

Unfortunately, I am not able to provide you with a code example as VCV Rack is a modular synthesizer software and I do not have the ability to code or access the source code of VCV Rack. However, I suggest checking the VCV Rack documentation or forums for guidance on how to add an expander from the module context menu. Additionally, you could try reaching out to the VCV Rack community or developers for further assistance.


The all have that “rescued from a fire” look, all the knobs are slightly melted.

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Ha, yes they do. (Even the very best stuff I have ever got out of MJ has these type of artefacts, though it has improved significantly)

Imagine that, if you found some old school synthesizer in the bin somewhere, fire damaged, but you were able to rescue it and bring it back to functionality… that would be pretty awesome

Edit: a lot of the time the MJ images look better at the smaller rez, before you upscale. I guess its your mind filling in the missing details correctly, rather than the AI creating the missing details incorrectly… :face_with_monocle:

Some of these I think could look amazing, but I know the upscale will not be as good as I hope


Synthesizer pioneer Mery Voltashvili playing a prototype of her EKTꜸ I [Batumi, Georgia, 1964]


I see Mery is afflicted with MJ supplementary-digit syndrome…

So annoying to get close to a great image, but with just a tiny defect here and there

Pretty happy with this synthwave one, apart from the shonky keyboard :musical_keyboard: :musical_keyboard: :musical_keyboard:


It’s funny how much like cartoon characters tending towards three or four digits per hand, MJ likes 6 or more. This increases the chances that MJ is actually just portraying things it sees in a parallel universe.

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Agreed, this is not computer intelligence, this is multiversal photography theft


Seriously, I feel like the weird ai bits add something in certain sujets.


It always reminds me of the pianist in this scene

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I came up with a new MJ game…

It works like this: find an interesting magazine, take one of the headlines from the front cover and use that as a bare prompt to see what cover MJ will create (note use the --ar 2:3 flag to make it magazine like)


/imagine 50 greatest moments in electric guitar history --ar 2:3


/imagine second-hand camera and lens combos that are out of this world --ar 2:3

The cameras all look like they’ve come from a sci-fi film set on mars.

…got to be the effect of out of this world

Check out this one, not exactly headlines, but I love the result

/imagine landscape, udo, marc doty, mystic circuits --ar 2:3


This is generated by BlueWillow… probably I had to copy it into the Pics Of Your Studio topic.

Arcimboldo dudes


So… someone is trying to monetise these AI synths

Alright, I’m curious about this bit here:


Because I absolutely can, virtually 100% ??

agreed, 99% of them are obvious

Virtual personas can definitely be convincing as real persons. Sure, for now, when primed to look for the ‘unreal’ next to the ‘real’, you might still have a quite high succesrate making the distinction. But it is to be expected that soon most of us won’t be able to make the distinction. Especially when not primed (like in daily life).

For a mere human, we are going towards uncertain times. What/who is real? What/who can we trust? All sorts of formerly “unique” identifying personal attributes that we base our trust upon can now be emulated. E.g. face, voice, communication style, choice of words etcetera. All these attributes are already subject to quite convincing emulation.

The (bank) fraud example below dates from 2020. Ancient history in the light of the exponentially growing AI functionality/capability (same goes for availability/access). It would be so much easier to do something like this these days (and in future) using the (then) current state-of-the-art AI.

I fear the (potential) downsides/risks of the current progress in AI more then all the obvious great upsides/benefits. Complexity and capability will be way beyond what a human can comprehend and control.

History has shown us many examples that in such circumstances we will move ‘foward’ regardless. Dealing with uninteded consequeces ‘later’ (if ever).

Let’s hope that at some point in the future, humankind will look back to current times and wonder about the many worries people had about AI ‘back-in-the-day’.

On the upside… Let’s enjoy these great tools, while we still can… :grin: