Pics Of Your Studio

(Jhon Shepherd) #1

Show us those amazing workstations.

(Jon Heal) #2

I hope more folks post here. I love this studio porn stuff. I will post a pic of my meager setup when I clean it up.

(Jhon Shepherd) #3

I’ve a great deal of rearranging to do now that I’ve been favored enough to make it to 19. I for one would highly encourage those who choose to share their rigs with the rest of us, Not as a one off “greatest setup ever” pics but as a thread of positive reinforcement of hard work and job well done to each and every one of you, as your workstations grow and our sounds evolve, Not to stroke our egos but to send a message to those who will become inspired to take their steps into the impossibly possible realm of patchbays, square waves, and the sine of the times. Cheers guys.

(Matthew D Gantt) #4

my zone:

(Jim T) #5

there’s a few more midi controllers now …

(Nik Jewell) #6

Looks like your cat has found the warmest place in the house - your overheating MBP :slight_smile:

(Jim Nankivell) #7

I’ve not got any hardware as of yet, but am looking forward to my Minibrute 2 arriving soon!

(Jhon Shepherd) #8

You’re in for a treat. It is crazy fun and every time you sit down to a new session, You will unlock something great from its circuitry…This is a jam with the Brute2 S and the Drumbrute.

(Matthew D Gantt) #9

lol too real!

(Jhon Shepherd) #10

I know right, but its for educational demonstration and not intended as a shameless derailing.

(Browneditor) #11

This is my studio

(Jhon Shepherd) #12

I like how you have all of your equipment consolidated.

(Browneditor) #13


(CarlosAraneta) #14

Nimbus Grey Area

(Andrew Belt) #15

May I use this photo in the gallery on the front page of

(CarlosAraneta) #16


(Browneditor) #17

Cool Breeze!


Monsieur! This is one tasty choice of gear!

(Andrew Belt) #19


awesome pic! Those Eowave guys! so french :wink: