Pics Of Your Studio

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(Nik Jewell) #22

I’ve seen you use ‘Proper!’ as an adjective a few times @browneditor

Down here in Cornwall, south west England, that is common term of approval. I’ve never heard it used elsewhere in the country, let alone the rest of the world.

Properrrr ! (It has a rolling ‘r’ in these parrrrrts :slight_smile: )

(Browneditor) #23

@Nik I watch a lot of BBC television and I always here them say something like a proper flat or something. So I started using it based on the occasion.


(Andrew Belt) #25

I love the name Source D’Énergie.

(Fbeecher) #26

THAT looks like a lot of fun. And I appreciate the clean aesthetic. I imagine it is very easy to get into a state of flow in that room.


Thanks! Yea, this is the result of about 2 years of downsizing my setup, and I’m pretty happy with it.

(Espen Storo) #28

Night time in The Rebel Base studio. Everything is off, no flashy lights… because it’s mainly Rack and Star Wars around here. :smiley:

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(RidArt) #30

West Cornwall - UK.

6 months ago. Currently undergoing a refit, re-jig, upgrade/sidegrade, reorganisation, clarifications.

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(Marc Boulé) #32

Only a partial view of the gear, but got the cat at least! :wink:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #33

Are those Yamaha HS5 monitors? Do you like their sound? Is the rear bass port an issue? How’s the bass in the room?

(Marc Boulé) #34

Hi Lars, those are modified HS8. I have the bass switch at the back set at -4dB, because they are too close to the wall and can in effect have too much bass for some tastes. The bass is very very nice though, and I really like them :slight_smile: The small modification I did is this one: