Zoxnoxious analog synth VCV Rack demos

Thought I might start a thread with of demos for the Zoxnoxious analog synth modules I’ve developed. These are VCV Rack controlled hardware components, with dedicated Rack modules controlling hardware “cards”. Cards developed to date include a 3340 VCO, 3372 VCF/Signal Processor, and a backplane/VCA board. The backplane holds up to six of the previously mentioned cards.

Composition-wise I’m pretty poor at this stuff, so I’m kicking it off by pulling in a MIDI file of the Voltron theme song. Why Voltron? An 80s cartoon of a robot fighters that were next to useless individually until they combined to form Voltron? My campy take on it is the developed boards are similar: a VCO in isolation isn’t all that useful. Combine with other components and you’ve got a working synth. Form Voltron!

Hoping some months down the road to get this to the point others can use it. To paraphrase a unix quote: it’s user friendly right now, it’s just choosy about who its friends are.


Wow, that’s really impressive! You are a few short steps away from controlling an entire industrial automation production line with a VCV Rack patch :rofl:.


Why not set the bar high? just a few steps from there to world domination with a VCV Rack patch LOL

Reminds me of a scene from Babylon 5:

Londo Mollari (laughing sarcastically): While you’re at it, why don’t you eliminate the entire Narn homeworld?

Mr. Morden (dead serious): One thing at a time, Ambassador. One thing at a time.

Well, that’s a next-level hybrid setup. Guessing the advantage over Eurorack with something like Expert Sleepers and using this is the control you can have over the hardware using a dedicated VCV module?

The big thing here is, as you say, you’ve got full control over the hardware with Rack. No patch cords either. Loading a new patch is as you would do in Rack, just load a new file. Analog VCOs and VCFs configured. I played with a ton of different hard sync configurations yesterday. The 3340 has some interesting sync options. Doing that with Eurorack would be a pain, repatching everything left & right. And having the modules to actually do the control- trivial in VCV Rack with software. Which is good & bad, I mean it’s all about making happy mistakes, right? Here the happy mistakes can be recalled via saved files, undo, and everything you with VCV Rack. Fun stuff!

I’ve yet to start doing more stuff that would just be annoyingly tough to do with real hardware. I’ve got some ideas there but it’s not high on the priority list just yet. Since it’s all software controlled there are some fun options to play with.

This is an interesting idea.

I have some ‘exotic’ Eurorack sound sources, but it is the simple stuff that often sounds the best, and it is a toss-up between my 258T and Electrosmith 3340 as to which is the winner in my rack.

Hope you manage to get this to a release stage. Following!


Here’s another demo, just an arpeggio that I recorded a month back. Unfortunately this is about as complex as I get composition-wise. Still got a long ways to go. Audio is three VCOs, two going through a filter. I really like clocked for bringing in a variation every so many bars, that helps a lot. The resonance goes way too heavy about halfway through but whatevz.