Zoom thumbnails in Module Browser

Is there a way to zoom the library screen? Ctrl+mouse wheel isn’t working there. I have a hard time seeing some of the modules as is.




EDIT: one day later… and then came Stoermelder :

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Only if you change the source code & recompile, done here, only a single line change. If you can build from source and can’t find the line in question shout me and I’ll find it.

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There is no option, AFAIK, inside VCV Rack to zoom in the Library screen, but your system may have a way to zoom in the screen in any application.

This is not entirely true :grinning:

In what way?

It is possible to change the preview size in the module browser without recompiling… I should make the code publicly available, finally…


Intrigued, will look forward to it :slight_smile:

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yes please, this will really help me.

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I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy it! :+1:

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could you make possible the old library back? ( without pictures)

Yes, I’ve done this, you can choose between „modified v1 browser“ and „v0.6 browser“.


wonderful <3

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Would love to see that, I can’t see a damn thing in the module browser and by gum I miss a favorites feature. Somebody please make a really cracking favorites module (I’m aware of the existing one).

So, here it is, the module is called “Mb”. Please don’t hit anyone if anything breaks :stuck_out_tongue:

Please note the disclaimer there: stoermelder's Idea und Development Thread


OH.MY.LORD… That is pure awesomeness Ben!!! You truly are a wizzard. Everyone should know about this plugin. Insta-template. Works perfectly on my Mac, even when the module is just sitting disabled in the patch. Me and my Rack thank you a 1000 times. You have been added to my Christmas list!

If it’s easy peasy for you to fix the contrast (white text please, bit larger text if possible) of the tooltips in the 1.x module browser, you get an extra kiss every Christmas!


Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad I could provide something useful :slightly_smiling_face:

I took a look and it is a bit of a mess: I could change the text color but only for every menu item in Rack. The font size is hard-coded, this is not so easy to change. Maybe I can come up with something, we’ll see.


Ben, these modules im sure will be useful. I was late to the party and never experienced the 0.6 browser, thank you so much for allowing me to experience this, it is so much quicker to use, allowing me to keep in the flow. The magnified 1.0 browser is also really helpful, I have lost count of the number of times I have clicked on a similar looking module to the one I want. I have added this module to my starting template.

I am sure Assistant will be useful during development, but I need to spend some time with CTRL to understand it’s use.

Works fine for me, and my poor old eyes can make out what I’m adding to a patch now. Thanks much!


Thank you very much, this is great also to have the option of v0.6 browser just in case!

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