Will 23Volts be updated to v2?

Mac build some were?

no builds anywhere I know of…

Works on my machine, probably not yours, etc. etc… Just unzip directly into your /Rack2/plugins/ directory.

Gracie mille

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Hello! I ve been lacking time to work on it during previous weeks, but it is coming soon , probably some time next week


Some update. I’ve been working on it last weekend. There’s a UI glitch which is quite tricky and I need to fix it before release. Cannot really give an estimate of when right now as this time of year is rather busy, but I hope to get some free time during holidays.


Thanks for your effort Rémi! your modules are so smart and so handy! Can’t wait to play with all the v1 patch they are in :slight_smile:


I agree with Pyer!

Could someone please provide a v2 windows build. Tried many times to build it, but failed. Thanks in advance.

This complies with the license as it details the modifications made.


Thanks very much. After three days and no idea what I did wrong I hoped for a helpful soul.

Create a thread in the Development forum and we’ll help you out.

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Is anyone able to create a temporary Mac build of the beta while we wait?

@23volts Really looking forward to these coming to V2! I have a lot of older patches that use these modules quite a lot

Looks like @Steve_Russell 's win build is proper and legal, like he said. It’s not super easy to go an make builds like this for a “foreign” repo.

Why are so many long time devs of modules dropping out of the business? Is that how projects like this always go?

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This. Of the long-term devs, it seems there’s just a handful who continue to be active. My most-used modules that are still in active development (Befaco, Vult, BogAudio, Impromptu, Nysthi, Squinky et al) fall to just a handful of talented people. It’d be interesting to know why so many others drop off. I suspect it’s something of the nature of open-source/free? Plus maybe a mix of community dynamics here, as well as a bit of the attraction of a shiny new platform wearing off? I’m not sure.

Thankfully there is a steady flow of new energy and ideas from devs like @AlliewayAudio @Patheros @lyqst @clone45 @ryanpage1989


Speaking for myself, my hobbies usually come in waves. This year VCV rack has consumed my free time, but I know that is likely to fade at some point.


Well, that is a real issue and concern for me. I don’t know about anyone other than myself.

i very much agree with @Patheros. most plugin devs are one person, doing stuff for free. so it depends on one’s interests, motivation, energy, etc. and people are likely to jump onto the next shiny new thing that grabs their attention. that the pace of development for vcv rack as a platform itself has slowed down significantly is likely also a factor.

personally, i’m not much of a coder. i’m a teacher who makes music as a hobby, for which motivation comes and goes. most of my energy is taken by my job, and doing coding honestly feels mostly like another job. there is an aspect of solving an interesting problem to it, but i need to find the time and energy for it. and i have other hobbies too…


I added a workflow to build for all 3 platforms; I’ve updated the release page and the builds have been added here:



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