Modular Lab II: 191 patches for VCV Rack (25 patch templates available for free)

Hey guys,

I wanted to share my latest release with you. Modular Lab II is a collection of patches for VCV Rack.

Modular Lab II comes in two versions

  • Templates (free) - collection of patch templates the were used to created the presets/sounds - different patch configurations and modifications
  • Sounds (paid) - patch variations derived from templates + Templates from free version


  • 25 instrument templates available for free
  • 171 presets (sounds) - template variations and modifications in categories like: Sequences (71), Pads (33), Textures (31), Pulses (12), Sound Effects (10), Synth (7), Swarm (5), Keys (2)
  • daw integration tips

Video preview

Free templates: Modular Lab II: VCV Rack Patches

Learn more at: Modular Lab II for VCV Rack by Spektralisk




Well you certainly twisted my arm and piqued my interest. One thing how does the ‘presets’ function , are they preloaded on certain modules? I have bought the full set of patches and presets. So I am trusting you won’t strip my meagre bank account dry!! :smiley: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hey ady and thanks for the purchase.

As stated on the product page, presets are modifications/variations of the templates patches. You can think of them as ‘sounds’ derived from the main template patches. So basically those have the same module structure as patches they are derived from but with different settings on the specific modules and macro knobs with some patch connection and some additional modules here and there.

Hope that explains it.

This is really nice. Amazing thought behind the patches! I was looking forward to buy the sounds, but 1st I downloaded the test templates.

Can anyone confirm that 23volt’s morph is not available anymore? I’m on rack2 and it doesn’t show up on the library (despite confirmation of having subscribed to all of their sounds). It’s a pity, as most of the patches use the Morph.


I download the free trial patches too and Morph is there for me. Not a module I’ve used before so having fun investigating these templates.

Hey guys,

I’m sorry for my late reply. I haven’t been checking here for a while.

Thanks for your interested and downloading the patches.

Yes these patches are using 23volt’s morph extensively and unfortunately it’s not available in v2. I contacted the developer with a question if he plans to update but never received a reply :frowning:

It’s a shame, hopefully he will update it some time (I will notify everyone in this case).

In v1 these should work fine though.

Btw if anyone here knows a module in v2 that would successfully replace 23volt’s Morph module, let me know. I will gladly update all of the patches with the new module.

There is a win beta :

Check out the stuff from Bidoo. There are several modules that look like they can do what you want and more. I have never used them so…

Thanks for letting me know guys.

just bought it and got it working with 23volts / morph:

  1. downloaded the beta build from steve russel here

  2. put the vcvplugin file into (user folder)/plugins

  3. restart the app / daw

:slight_smile: Thanks a lot! awesome presets!!


Awesome thanks for the heads up regarding this workaround and for the purchase. Glad you like the presets.

I’m gonna update the presets once there is an update of Morph module for version 2.0 officially in VCV library. I cannot require from users that bought the presets to go through any workarounds - everything has to be working out of the box :slight_smile:

Nice to see these are working with your provided solution though. Thanks again.

Modular Lab II sounds are 50% off. Please note that some of the patches won’t work with VCV Rack II because of the lack of 23volts Morph module port for v2.

Just leaving this link here for those who would be interested in getting this patches anyway. Available at half price in November.


Some really ‘out there’ sounds…Love it ! Very inspirational (for me, don’t know for my neighbours :smile:)

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello. Just discovering VCV Rack 2 and trying to use the Modular Labs presets. Daniel was kind enough to direct me to this link as a possible workaround for the now unavailable 23volts modules. I’ve downloaded this link you provided, copied to my user folder, and still no luck in opening programs that can’t find the 23volt morph module. If you could give me any more specifics of how you have this up and running I’d appreciate it. As well, am not quite sure where you are speaking of having put the vcvplugin file, ‘(user folder)/plugins’. I’m on Mac. Thanks, Luis

I’m a happy camper now that I’ve figured out how to make this work. I only needed to reread Jay’s initial ‘put the vcvplugin file into (user folder)/plugins’ and after finding that correct spot in my Rack 2 plugin folder I restarted and all is good. Thank you. Great sounds in Modular Lab II.


Thanks Luis for going through this and making the patches work on your end.

I have finally checked this beta build of 23volts modules today and it’s all working fine on my system as well in version 2.0. I’ve updated the installation instructions so anybody who downloads the patches can make them work in version 2.0 of VCV Rack.

For all of those who would like to get the ‘Sounds’ version (171 patches) I’m offering a 50% off discount until the end of February. Follow the link: Modular Lab II: VCV Rack Patches

Thanks everyone for downloading the free templates and making this thread alive. I hope this is useful and inspiring for you.

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