Modular Lab II: 191 patches for VCV Rack (25 patch templates available for free)

Hey guys,

I wanted to share my latest release with you. Modular Lab II is a collection of patches for VCV Rack.

Modular Lab II comes in two versions

  • Templates (free) - collection of patch templates the were used to created the presets/sounds - different patch configurations and modifications
  • Sounds (paid) - patch variations derived from templates + Templates from free version


  • 25 instrument templates available for free
  • 171 presets (sounds) - template variations and modifications in categories like: Sequences (71), Pads (33), Textures (31), Pulses (12), Sound Effects (10), Synth (7), Swarm (5), Keys (2)
  • daw integration tips

Video preview

Free templates: Modular Lab II | SDS S01E08

Learn more at:




Well you certainly twisted my arm and piqued my interest. One thing how does the ‘presets’ function , are they preloaded on certain modules? I have bought the full set of patches and presets. So I am trusting you won’t strip my meagre bank account dry!! :smiley: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hey ady and thanks for the purchase.

As stated on the product page, presets are modifications/variations of the templates patches. You can think of them as ‘sounds’ derived from the main template patches. So basically those have the same module structure as patches they are derived from but with different settings on the specific modules and macro knobs with some patch connection and some additional modules here and there.

Hope that explains it.

This is really nice. Amazing thought behind the patches! I was looking forward to buy the sounds, but 1st I downloaded the test templates.

Can anyone confirm that 23volt’s morph is not available anymore? I’m on rack2 and it doesn’t show up on the library (despite confirmation of having subscribed to all of their sounds). It’s a pity, as most of the patches use the Morph.


I download the free trial patches too and Morph is there for me. Not a module I’ve used before so having fun investigating these templates.