Will 23Volts be updated to v2?

Any information about 23Volts V2 ???


I pinged @23volts, but nothing back so far. Also anxious for them…

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is it so surprising when some free plugins were last updated two years ago… maybe that’s a sign they are no longer interested?

yeah, but always good to first try to check if still there… If not hopefully someone will step up to port them, as they are the only MIDI utils that can properly map my Minilars, all the VCV ones fail me, as do they stoermelder ones, oddly enough…


Yeah, they’re nice, lot’s of good poly utilities in there, I use them all the time.

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I use them too and had a quick go at porting it as initially only 2 errors on compile. The first was a common v2 fix, Marc gave me a suggested fix for the 2nd which fixed that problem but opened up a whole new can of worms and 1 error turned into 11… ouch.

I am sure the developer or someone else who knows what they are doing could port it but it’s not a very simple one.

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same here, got over first by checking the SDK docs for v2 and then also got into brick wall. I can read C++ fine, but writing it? Nope…

Hello ! I do plan to update them for rack v2 compatibility, but tbh I didnt have the occasion to check the new API yet to say if it’s possible or not. I rarely play with VCV these days but I m happy to see these are used :slight_smile:


That’s a super good news thanks a million!!! 3000 modules in the rack and yet our modules are unique!


Double- :heart: !!!

More fantastic news!


Great news!

I managed to compile it against V2 API & fixed a runtime bug that crashed when mapping parameters on Multimap & Morph.

The source have been updated on github’s 2.0 branch : GitHub - 23volts/23volts-vcv at 2.0


I’m also on the yay train here. Cells is one of my favorites.

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Is 23volts headed to the library soon RĂ©mi? Thanks!

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Yes, really missing that very useful program change module!

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Nice to ear it . I like a lot your modules. I hope it will be possible.

Has this plugin been submitted to the library yet?
I don’t see it in the library, and am missing :slight_smile:

I don’t think it has, it does build fine on macos and on win10, and works fine as far as has been tested, however

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