Why is it desyncing?

I have a glas plane module and a 8x16 sequencer module connected to a clock. glasplane goes into 2x clock and the sequencer into a 4x clock. both modules are also connected to the run and reset output of the clock, but even if i press reset multiple times and then run the clock the both modules are sometimes out of sync. why is that? and what can i do to start them always in sync?

here is a link to the patch: https://premiumforce.de/question.rar

I am fairly new to vcv and modular. this is driving me crazy.

I cannot see your patch but if you are using Impromptu’s Clocked make sure the following are set in the right click menu. Clock kept high on stopped clock - off On stop send internal reset - checked and on start send reset pulse - checked.

adding a pic of the patch (from question.rar):

I think sync can be solved using tips in these archived threads

something like this with added “Count Modula: Master Reset”:

you still use the reset button on clocked to reset everything

Thank you guys. I did the the settings in the right click menue: on stop: do internal reset on stop: send reset pulse clock high when stoped: off looks like this worked. everything in sync within 30 tests :slight_smile: